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Who Are Your Superconsumers?

By March 28, 2014No Comments
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What does this excited woman have to do with you? She might be one your most dedicated superconsumers. Your job is to find out if she loves your products or company, and then to make her even happier with these easy steps.

A new concept that is sweeping the business world is “superconsumer.” These consumers aren’t just a consideration for big corporations, they’re also a marketing sector that can push small businesses to lasting success. This article introduces the concept of superconsumers so that you can build your business better.

What is a superconsumer?

Superconsumers are passionate users of your product. These people comprise your dedicated fan base, and they are the people who market your product for you, for free. Here are a few examples of superconsumers that you know.

  • Your aunt: She loves Pinterest. Every holiday or special occasion sends her running for her Pinterest boards, and every time someone compliments her on something she created or found, she tells them they “have to check out Pinterest, because it’s awesome.”
  • Your mother-in-law: She is the go-to person for wine in your family. She knows everything about wine, can suggest a wine for any occasion, and her favorite gift to give or receive is wine. She follows specific wineries that she loves, and her favorite plan for a Saturday afternoon is to go to her favorite winery and try a taste of their new releases.
  • Your teenager: He is all about Hot Topic, and if he could buy everything at Hot Topic, his life would be some strange goth-punk version of Heaven. Whenever new items are released at Hot Topic, he has to be the first to purchase them, and all you hear about all day every day (when his earbuds are out) is that Hot Topic is the best place in the Universe.
  • Your dad: He’s got all the tools that the Craftsman company has ever made and he has the fancy tool chest, but whenever Craftsman releases a new product, he either buys it or talks it up to his friends.
  • You: You get into epic battles about whether Android, iOS, or Windows is the best phone operating system, and even though you only upgrade your phone every two years, you know all the phones in the market and you advise your friends about which phone they should buy, and why.

How do I find my superconsumers?

Remember that no matter the size of your business, you have superconsumers. These people are your staunchest supporters and you want to know who they are so that you can communicate with them directly. Some easy ways to find your superconsumers are:

  • Create a loyalty program. The people who use your loyalty program, er, loyally, are obviously committed to your store.
  • Look at social media. These people talk endlessly in person about your product, so they’re also talking about your product online. Search for your company or product names in Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, and see who’s talking you up.
  • Do a Google search. Many of your superconsumers may have created blogs revolving around your product. Search for your company or product name, and scroll through many pages of search-engine results and you’ll probably run across someone who mentions you a lot.

How can I market to them?

Your superconsumers love your company and they love your products. To market to them effectively, you simply have to return their love. A few ways to show your superconsumers that you value them are:

  • Ask for their advice. These people spend a lot of time thinking about your products and convincing others why you’re the best. If two heads are better than one when coming up with new ideas or persuasive pitches, 100 heads are even better. Not only can your superconsumers provide you with valuable advice and feedback, they’ll also feel tickled pink when you reach out to them and ask them for their opinions.
  • Listen to/Look at what they’re doing. Your passionate supporters have found creative ways to work your product into as many aspects of their life as possible. After you look them up and ask for their advice, make sure that you listen to them. Maybe they discovered that your coffee sleeve can be modified to fit perfectly around a mason jar. Maybe they figured out that your paint does fascinating things when they put their fresh canvases in the microwave.
  • Respond to their requests. Once you know what your customers find valuable about your product, as well as what they want from you to make your product better, marketing to them becomes a matter of exceeding their expectations with the great product you offer. When you implement especially unique ideas, try to credit the idea’s creator. You’ll build a loyal customer for life, and will get more word-of-mouth exposure than you ever dreamed possible.  

Who are your superconsumers? How do you market to them?

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