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Super Storm Sandy Illustrates The Importance Of Having A Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution

By February 12, 2013September 8th, 2021No Comments

The devastation from Super Storm Sandy, that clobbered New Jersey and New York, revealed the importance of having a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution.

A New-Jersey-based SWK client lost all their hardware and software after finding their server room completely flooded from the surge.   This included local back-up tapes and would have resulted in the loss of all their intellectual property: financial records, formulas for their products, internal filing systems, lab work and email – virtually destroying their entire company.

Fortunately, they had invested in SWK’s BDR solution and were quickly up and running.

While you might say, “This will never happen to me.” We say, “Bad things can happen to good companies.”

Super Storm Sandy proved that the unexpected can happen – so NOW is the time to start planning.

SWK offers a variety of backup and disaster recovery solutions, so you do not have to panic when the next man-made or natural disaster hits.

  • Near real-time backups so information is always available and safe from harm.
  • Just as you would test a fire alarm, we offer monthly automated failure testing to ensure the back-up process is functioning properly.
  • Our solutions require ZERO human interaction, which reduces human error as well as the time it takes to perform a common manual backup.
  • Offsite and encrypted synchronization in the event of location disaster prevents the loss of valuable information.

Our solutions allow you to frequently and easily back up your data onsite or offsite with no minimum size requirement, so small–to-mid-sized businesses can take advantage of the savings that large enterprises are generally accustomed to.


Contact our Network Services Team

At SWK we would like to offer our “One Hour Free BDR Consultation” to determine the best Backup and Disaster Recovery option for you and your business.

Call 856-956-5800 or email to schedule this very important meeting to insure your success, even when something goes wrong.

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