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Weather the Storm with SWK’s Business Continuity Services

By February 21, 2014No Comments

Business Continuity Backup Disaster Recovery SWKTechIt’s undeniable that the weather has been changing. The past year there have been hurricanes, floods, the hottest summer on record, and the coldest winter as well. Even if your area hasn’t been facing superlative temperature extremes, you’ve been hearing about it on the news and you’ve probably also thought that the weather in your city is a bit…overactive. You don’t need to know all the details about the temperatures across the world, and you don’t need to know the various climate agreements that countries across the world have entered into. What you do need to know is that for every single unexpected weather event, at least one business has suffered a loss of revenue from downtime or lost data, and that every dollar lost from that revenue could have been avoided if businesses all used SWK’s business continuity (backup and disaster recovery) services.

How Does the Weather Affect Your Business?

To truly understand what these businesses who have lost data have gone through, think about their losses in terms of your own business. What would your financials look like if your company lost one hour of work due to a natural disaster? What about if you lost one day? What about if you lost a week?

Sometimes downtime and loss of revenue aren’t even the worst consequences of a natural disaster, power failure, or system failure, sometimes companies also lose crucial data. In your business, a natural disaster could wipe out automated business processes, unpaid invoices, electronic data interchange (EDI) maps, client contracts, personnel data. Sometimes financial data becomes corrupted and your company doesn’t find the loss until tax season.

With SWK, Data Backup Is Easy and Affordable

Every company and every individual understands that backups and disaster recovery solutions are important, but businesses, especially small businesses frequently put off backing up their systems because they believe it is too hard to do, or too expensive to do every day. Large businesses who already understand the importance of regular data backup often rely on cumbersome and outdated systems, and spend far too much time on non-revenue-generating activities, such as backup or double-checking that backups worked.

Backup and disaster recovery services provide a range of easy, affordable, and simply-maintained solutions that fit the needs and budgets of your business, no matter your size. With the various SWK solutions, companies can rely on the safety of frequent, image-based backups that provide a snapshot of an entire server or a single computer, as well as local and cloud-based data redundancy. With cloud-based backups, companies have the ability to activate instant business virtualization, which means that even if your entire office building is destroyed by a tsunami, your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Contact SWK’s Network Services and Backup and Disaster Recovery Team

If you’d like to know how your business can best prepare to weather any storm, please contact us online.

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