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Sage X3 Learning Center: V12 UI Elements

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

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Need a refresher course on all of the extra Use Interface options in Sage X3 V12? Training new users for your Sage ERP? Learn all the basics of X3’s  latest UI elements with this helpful tutorial video from the SWK Technologies Sage X3 team:

Sage X3 UI Elements Transcript

Good day welcome to SWK Technologies Sage X3 Learning Center. Today we present Sage X3 V12 UI elements.

We will learn about the links, the Action Panel, and the Sidebar. Let’s go to X3 and review.

Let’s open a Sales Order to review.

The page links are listed at the top of the screen. By selecting the link, you will move to that section on the screen. This makes it very easy to review the document.

Let’s take a look at the Action Panel.

The Action Panel is located at the top of the screen. If you like, you can pin the Action Panel to the screen, if you don’t require these options you can unpin the panel. you can still select items from the Action Panel without pinning it to the screen.

The Action Panel has minimized the Sidebar. If you are using Sage X3 V12 and your screens are not the same, you perhaps haven’t activated the Responsive Mode or the animations.

Thank you very much for joining us at SWK Technologies Sage X3 Learning Center

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