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Sage ERP X3 Tips and Tricks

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 Diagnosing Out-Of-Balance with GTEST Command using the Calculator function

Within Sage ERP X3, if you are trying to diagnose an out of balance situation while posting a transaction in financials (AR, AP, Inventory Accounting Interface or WIP accounting interface), you can view the debits and credits to see where the out of balance is occurring.

For example, below is an invoice that has not been posted.  To view the debits/credits when you post, use the Diagnostic help/Calculator tool and enter the command below.

Sage ERP X3





At the Calculator prompt, type sigma(GTEST=0,1,0) and press enter .  To turn off GTEST, type sigma(GTEST=0,-1,0).  You can also exit X3 to turn off the parameter.   Setting this parameter is specific to the user logged in and will not affect other users.




After activating this parameter, you will see several pop-up messages that reference source code.  Continue to say OK and you’ll eventually see the debits/credits appear.  Below is an example:

Sage ERP X3 screen cap



Sage ERP X3 format

















Note: Be careful using this on the Accounting or WIP Interface.  It is wise to ensure the only thing you are dealing with is the out of balance situation.  Run the Accounting or WIP Interface prior to setting the GTEST parameter, otherwise, you will see debits/credits for each transaction that has yet to post.

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Source: Sage ERP X3 Support Desk

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