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Sage X3

Sage ERP X3: An Overview

By November 22, 2013No Comments

Sage X3Sage ERP X3 is the most powerful and flexible business management solution offered by Sage. It empowers mid-sized and larger companies with the ability to grow a competitive business with limited IT resources.  Sage ERP X3 provides industry-leading functionality that encompasses all of your business processes. Its compact software design supports industry?specific processes and provides end?to?end visibility across finance, sales, customer service, purchasing, inventory and manufacturing operations.

Architecture and Technology

Sage ERP X3 is built on the Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise platform (SAFE X3).
It is a flexible, highly scalable platform that easily adapts to your current environment while preserving your ability to grow and meet new challenges over time.  The multi-tier architecture of Sage ERP X3 provides customers with the flexibility to choose operating systems, databases, deployment methods, and more.

The architecture also enables the system to be adapted to changing technology and business requirements with minimal risk.

Sage ERP X3 is a full Web 2.0 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, which offers the most secure, flexible data management possible as well as easy access to data from the ERP and from external applications.

Sage ERP X3 Industry Packs

Three Industry Packs (base modules) are available for Sage ERP X3 and are designed to provide the foundation for companies requiring finance, distribution and/or manufacturing functionality.

  • Finance Pack: The Finance Pack includes the base functionality for financial management and analytics, and provides access to the collaborative workspace and system administration functions.
  • Distribution Pack: In addition to the functionality provided with the Finance Pack,
    the Distribution Pack includes the base functionality for sales, inventory management
    and customer support.
  • Manufacturing Pack: In addition to the functionality provided with the Distribution Pack,
    the Manufacturing Pack includes the base functionality for manufacturing management.

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