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Sage 100 ERP For Manufacturing

By September 24, 2013December 7th, 2018No Comments

Manufacturing If you are in the manufacturing business, and tailor to a specific niche market in the apparel industry, there is no shortcutting your business processes.  Your customers expect a specific level of quality that is consistent throughout your products.  For example, outdoor clothing, packs, tents, sleeping bags, and accessories are made with unique, technologically advanced materials combined with maximum performance and minimum weight, comfort, and durability.  Adventure racers, alpinists, backpackers, cyclists, and runners all seek top-notch, unique equipment when making a purchase for supplies correlated with their specific outdoor hobby.  Whether your customers are outdoor enthusiasts or athletes, weather durability, protection, and material make your products unique and can also make your manufacturing process more difficult.

Beyond QuickBooks

When using entry-level accounting systems, like QuickBooks, you won’t know whether items are already allocated for orders or are really available in inventory. There is also a chance that these systems won’t support your dealer network, where the majority of business lies.  The bottom line is that you need full visibility into your business.  It is essential to know and understand every aspect of the operations so you can plan accordingly.  Better visibility = better business.

Bar Coding for Better QC

With Sage 100 ERP, once an order is placed, allocations run several times a day. The system creates and prints pick tickets, which go to your warehouse. Employees can pick and scan items by bar code as they go into packing boxes, reducing errors and losses.

Speedier Shipping

After the warehouse packs an order, Sage 100 ERP’s StarShip module integrates with UPS to print out a label, uploading to a batch at the end of the day. Batches go to accounting for invoicing.  With Sage 100 ERP, your system and warehouse can trim half a day off of fulfillment times. If you get an order in by noon, it can ship the same day.  Sage 100 ERP improves efficiency.

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