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New Release Available NOW for Sage 100 ERP 2014

By March 5, 2014December 7th, 2018No Comments

Sage 100 ERP and, in fact, all of the Sage products, release a new version each year that addresses customer requests for functionality, provides a better user experience, and integrates the features that business owners need to move confidently into the new year with their company.

The graphic to the left shows the new enhancements that have been added to Sage 100 ERP for the past few versions (click it to make it bigger), as well as the new information you’ve been wanting to know about version 2014. There are a lot of new features in version 2014, but today’s post will focus on a quick overview to get you started.

Even Better Web and Mobile Features

Your business is on the Web, our business is on the Web, everyone is on the Web these days. Because the Web has become an integral form of how we conduct transactions these days, we here at SWK Technologies are pleased to let you know that the Number 1 change that Sage has integrated into Sage 100 ERP 2014 is increased web and mobile capabilities. This new version enables you to connect your Sage-100-based business through the Sage Data Cloud, which is a cloud storage area that replicates your on-premises data to allow mobile devices to access core application and cloud application data. This change allows your employees to access up-to-the-minute information, no matter where they are, and it also gives your employees increased personal mobility throughout your location. When your employees are in the field, they can use the Sage Mobile Sales app (for iPad) to connect better with customers. This app increases your salesperson revenues by empowering your sales team with around-the-clock access to helpful web-based visuals (such as catalogs), and offers enhanced ordering and quote capabilities to your sales team.

Your field technicians can use the Sage Data Cloud, too. With the Sage Mobile Service module, they can view detailed information about work that has previously been done for a client and parts information, and they can even collect payment on the spot.

Simplified Accounting Functioning

Every time a new upgrade is released for Sage 100 ERP, the program offers better, easier ways to organize, integrate, view, or generate reports for your financials. Version 2014 has streamlined the user experience more than ever and now offers your customers the ability to pay invoices online through Sage Billing and Payment. This change is great because when your company doesn’t need to go through the expensive and lengthy process of printing an invoice, mailing an invoice, waiting for your customer to look at the invoice and snail-mail their payment to you… you save a lot of time. On average, companies who use paper billing have to wait 30 or more days to get paid, but companies who use online bill pay options receive their payments within only three days.

Better Search, Inventory, and Intelligence Capabilities

Sage 100 ERP 2014 has a lot of time-saving search capabilities. The Profitablility Dashboard allows you to see the profitability of customers, products, and salespeople with just a glance, and when you want to search for customers, vendors, or items, Autocomplete will make your task pain-free. Version 2014 also offers the ability to find your invoices with ease with an invoice list button that’s available in many accounting modules, so you’ll never waste time hunting for a missing invoice again. If you’re having difficulties with stock-outs or excess inventory, Sage 100 ERP 2014’s Sage Inventory Advisor module will help you increase your business’ overall profitability.

Contact SWK’s Sage 100 ERP Team

If you’d like to learn more about the Sage 100 ERP 2014 upgrade, we’re here to answer your questions. Please contact us online.

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