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Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Is the Yawn-Inducing Superhero of Cybersecurity – Boring, but Absolutely Critical for Your Protection

By July 21, 2023August 28th, 2023No Comments

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Here Are 5 Signs That Multifactor Authentication Is a Superhero Against Cyberthreats


To be honest, multifactor authentication (MFA) is not the most captivating aspect of cybersecurity. However, it works so well to protect your business that you can think of it like a superhero.

MFA’s identity authentication superpower is dull, but it gets the job done. When you need something smashed, you call The Hulk. When you need someone with X-ray vision, you call Superman. When you need your business to evade password theft, you call MFA.

5 Signs That Multifactor Authentication Is a Superhero

We know MFA is a superhero because:

  1. It creates wonders, using only what your company already possesses.

Not all superheroes have genetic or mutant superpowers. Some of them leverage their existing tools and talents. Batman is the most obvious example with his nifty utility belt. However, consider the years of training it must have taken for Hawkeye to achieve super-accuracy. Consider the tech expertise Iron Man applies to survival, healing, and defense.

MFA uses the materials your company already has. It transforms employee phones, USB security keys, and biometrics into cybercrime fighting tools.

  1. Its highest priority is to keep people safe.

Do you know the difference between a superhero and a supervillain? A superhero’s top priority is to keep people safe. Today’s real-world Iron Man candidates have cool, tech-enabled superpowers, but Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk have their own priorities.

Multifactor authentication does not create space rockets, corporate behemoths, or electric cars. It keeps your business and your staff safe, every second of every day.

  1. It is always on the scene.

Bad guys launch nefarious plans 24 hours a day, which means a superhero is always on call. If a superhero fails to show up to even one battle, the world ends. Crime fighting is a high-stakes job.

Being in the right place at the right time is critical, which is one reason cybercriminals often plan nighttime attacks. Incredibly, MFA is always right there on the scene, anytime a cybercriminal tries to use a stolen password.

  1. It has an arch enemy.

Fact: There is a real-life man known as “The French Spiderman.” For years, he has been climbing up the sides of skyscrapers without equipment. This is clearly a superpower. However, he does not have an arch enemy. Therefore, he is not a superhero – he is just a guy with a cool skill.

Multifactor authentication has more than just cool skills. It also has an arch enemy: any cybercriminal who uses stolen login credentials. Every second of every day, MFA is called in to fight that arch enemy.

  1. It needs a team to really do the job right.

No single superhero has the complete skillset to succeed with every job. That is why the Avengers, the Justice League, and the X-Men exist. MFA also needs a team to extend its superpower, and its team is known as Layered Cybersecurity.

MFA’s whole crime-fighting team is just as yawn-worthy as it is, but each member of the team is critical for effective cybersecurity. It includes:

  • Patching
  • Password managers
  • Next-gen antivirus
  • Endpoint protection
  • Business continuity

It Is Time to Leverage the Cybersecurity Superheroes on Your Team

Password attacks are on the rise. In September 2021, Microsoft reported an average of 579 password attacks every second. By January 2023, that number increased to an average of 1,287 password attacks every second, or more than 111 million attacks a day.

Companies can protect against 98% of these attacks by calling in multifactor authentication and the other superheroes on the Layered Cybersecurity crime-fighting team. Yet many businesses choose not to do so. To paraphrase Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “With great business power comes great responsibility,” and your responsibility now is to call in a superheroto help protect your organization.

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