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How to Use Microsoft 365 Tools with Your Sage 100 Data [On-Demand Webinar]

By September 27, 2022No Comments

Microsoft 365 Sage 100

Power Up Your Work Tasks with the Sage 100 Connector for Microsoft 365


At this point, nearly every company’s workforce collaborates in Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft Office apps. Shouldn’t your Sage 100 data collaborate securely with Microsoft 365 tools as well?

Learn how connecting Sage 100cloud data with Office 365 tools can help your team take control of their work tasks to improve your revenues, hassle free. Watch the webinar now.

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In this webinar, you will receive a clear walkthrough of how to use the Sage 100 Connector for Microsoft 365 to speed common work tasks. You will also learn how the Connector works and get ideas on how you can combine the power of your Sage ERP and Microsoft to get more done, faster than ever before.

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Harnessing the “Power” of Microsoft 365 for Sage 100

Most people think of Microsoft 365 simply as the tools we previously called “Microsoft Office,” such as Excel, Word, or Outlook – but there is a lot more to Microsoft than the basics.

  • Overview of Microsoft 365 tools (1:06)
  • What is Microsoft Power Apps? (2:11)
  • Tip: Understand this really important takeaway about Power Apps (3:14)
  • What is Power Automate? (3:49)
  • What is Modern Approvals? (5:03)
  • Tip: Many people are surprised by these integrations for Office 365 (5:50)

What Is the Sage 100 Connector?

To use Sage data through your Microsoft Power Platform, you have to sync the two programs together. To make this process seamless and secure, Sage Software has created an API that maintains user permissions in Sage 100, connects Sage data to cloud-driven Microsoft tools, and leaves zero open ports available for entry.

  • Overview of the Sage 100 API (6:25)
  • How the Connector enables your team to manipulate Sage data through Microsoft tools (7:32)
  • Tip: The Connector works with more than just Microsoft (8:10)

View the Demo

As they say, “a demo is worth a thousand words.” Watch this in-depth, yet lightning-fast demo to see how the Sage 100 Connector helps your team access customer data, enter or edit data, contact people easily, and simplify the approvals processes for faster, easier sales.

  • Watch demo from beginning (8:29)
  • The Customer Viewer app (9:47)
  • Tip: Make data lookup easy with this search tip (10:28)
  • Walkthrough of Sales Orders, Invoices, Payments, and Contacts (11:38)
  • What can you do with the Quick Action menu? (12:56)
  • Tip: Do user defined fields and customizations work with the Connector? (13:54)
  • See how the seamless Microsoft Flow integration powers the approval for a credit limit increase (14:11)
  • See how the effortless Microsoft Planner integration automatically sets reminders (17:53)
  • See how flexible integrated workflows can be, even with granular calls to action in a quote email (20:32)
  • Tip: How can Microsoft Flow streamline the sales process? (22:30)

Next Steps

Looking for more resources or ready to learn more about how to get started with the Sage 100 Connector for Microsoft 365?

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