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MAPADOC EDI: What’s Hot for EDI in 2012

By February 3, 2012August 27th, 2019No Comments

Data Volume
Buyers and suppliers will be reviewing EDI data to plan for the 2012 season. EDI providers will be offering solutions, one being an 852 product sales activity report. 852 data can give weekly sales and inventory by SKU, sell thru and supply on hand. For example, if you are in fashion, you can see how well your units sold by style, color or size between retail stores. You can also view which parts of the country are driving your sales to increase. With the successful 2011 season, suppliers have gained confidence to do more and increase their data visibility.

Out With the Old, In with the New
EDI providers will need to increase their integration capabilities due to ERP software upgrades and switches. With some ERP software providers, support will cease for old systems, forcing a shift in the market. Moving data from one system to another, while keeping up with current EDI transactions, will be a challenge. The right EDI system with flexibility and a proven support team will make these changes be less painful.

Faster Sales Cycle
With increased sales and higher EDI transaction volumes, suppliers are always looking to reduce steps for a faster order to cash flow. Rip and read manual entries are common with growing companies and can be very costly due to the nature of human errors. The right EDI solution will significantly reduce the steps to process multiple line items EDI Purchase Orders, ASNs (Advance Ship Notices) and Invoices. In some cases, a 50% to 70% reduction of time spent processing orders is plausible.

is a powerful, flexible, yet remarkably easy-to-use EDI software solution built especially for Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200, Sage MAS 500 and Sage ERP X3. Since it’s a scalable solution, you can start at any point and add the functionality you need – when you need it. No matter what the trend, MAPADOC is the right EDI solution for your business.

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