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How the KegMaster Add-On in BeerRun Software Helps You

By February 21, 2014No Comments

BeerRun brewery management system SWK TechnologyConsider this scenario: You’re preparing a huge, yet solitary camping trip to the Grand Canyon in one month’s time. This is the first time you’ve ever been out alone in the vast expanses of the Grand Canyon, and you want to make sure that you not only survive, but that you are also safe the entire time. To ensure your safety, you order a brand new GPS system, one that is perfect for your specific type of Grand Canyon trip. The GPS arrives in the mail two weeks before your departure date, but the next day a stranger knocks on your front door and says she really needs your GPS to get to a party somewhere in the area. This woman won’t tell you where she’s bringing your GPS or who will be using it once she gets it there, and although she promises to return the device in perfect condition the very next day… you just don’t trust her. You lend her the GPS anyway though, but to make sure she returns it, you charge her $20 as a deposit fee.

We all understand where this is going at this point. She never returns the GPS, the $20 deposit she gave you won’t pay for a new one, and when you do order another navigation device, it goes on backorder and you have to put off your trip.

You would never lend your personal possessions to a complete stranger, so why, as a craft brewer, are you required to do this with your kegs? With the KegMaster enhancement for BeerRun Brewery Management System you’ll have the ability to track down your missing kegs immediately, and get them back.

What is KegMaster for BeerRun Brewery Management System?

KegMaster is an easy-to-use, yet effective, keg tracking add-on module designed for BeerRun Brewery Management System. This enhancement enables you to organize your kegs into simple lists that show you the status and location of all your kegs in a real-time, color-coded list.

  • Kegs listed with a green label are on site.
  • Kegs listed with an amber label have left your building, but are supposed to be gone right now.
  • Kegs listed with a red label are overdue for return and need to be tracked down. 

How do I track down a keg with KegMaster?

When you see a red label, you know that you have a problem. KegMaster allows you to customize the wait time before sending out a reminder to the distributor who has your keg (for example, 30 days), and once that wait time has passed, the KegMaster system will auto-generate an email and send it to the distributor. This email automatically includes a PDF off all the overdue kegs that the distributor has.

Simple Returns

When your keg is returned and you scan its barcode, the KegMaster system automatically updates the status of your keg to green, auto-generates a received voucher, and sends a credit memo to accounting (to return the deposit).

If you have a suspicion that a specific keg or a specific distributor has a history of problems, KegMaster’s reports allow you to drill down to view each keg or distributor in detail so that you are always informed and can plan accurately.

Contact SWK’s BeerRun Brewery Management Software Team

If you want to know more about BeerRun’s keg tracking or other abilities, please contact us online.

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