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Four Ways AcellosOne Makes Your Business Day Easy

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AccellosOne WMS warehouse management system Sage 100 ERP SWK TechAccellosOne WMS does more than just shipping, sales info, and full Sage 100 ERP integration, this warehouse management system also manages the physical handling of all your warehouse goods with real-time visibility, giving you and your workers greater productivity, an organized warehouse, and higher profits.

However, what does this mean for you? You’re a busy manager with a lot to do every day—so here are 4 ways that AccellosOne makes your business day easy.

Find your inventory fast

AccellosOne uses radio frequency and barcode technology to give you up-to-the-minute information about the location and status of your inventory at any time. No matter if your inventory is being received, picked, packed, shipped, or invoiced, you know exactly what’s happening in your warehouse, all the time.

Stop wasting your time

AccellosOne WMS integrates fully with your Sage 100 ERP system, meaning that when you enter your data into your ERP, you don’t need to enter it again into your AccellosOne system, which increases your data accuracy and gets rid of errors.

Breeze through your day

With AccellosOne, you don’t have fill out any more receipt of goods packing slips. You don’t have to fill out any more inventory adjustment memos. You don’t even have to enter in completed picking sheets. AccellosOne does all of that for you, and then sends the completed document to your office personnel, so that they can complete the billing process.

Plan right

When your inventory is changed or updated, AccellosOne validates key information against your Sage 100 ERP data, ensuring that the information you have helps you lock on to better purchase planning, stock location, and order taking.

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