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Sage 100 Material Requirements Planning


The Sage MRP module is being replaced by Inventory Requirements Planning for Sage 100


Material Requirements Planning*

One of the most critical and time-consuming aspects of inventory management is managing the task of maintaining sufficient amounts of materials on hand at all times. How many times has production or shipping been delayed because a necessary item was not in stock or you could not get it in time?

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module for Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) can help you eliminate purchasing and scheduling problems. It is designed to simplify and speed up the work processes of purchasing, inventory, and production managers, enabling them to plan more effectively.

MRP helps you quickly take into account and evaluate your demand, based on your open sales orders and sales projections. As well as supply, based on inventory stock levels and open purchase orders. Your build times, lead times, and supply and demand functions are all combined to estimate the need for each inventory item. With the MRP module, you can produce reports based on action-by date to advise the purchasing manager which orders need to be placed, which need to be revised, and which need to be canceled. The MRP module allows for entry of monthly and weekly sales projections by warehouse for each manufactured item and monthly and weekly sales projections by customer. These estimates, combined with sales order information, can suggest when to purchase
raw materials and more.

Eliminate costly production delays and simplify your scheduling. Complete your Sage 100 ERP manufacturing or distribution solution and take control of your material purchasing and production planning with the MRP module.

*This module is compatible with Sage 100 Standard and Advanced ERP.


  • Eliminate costly production delays and simplify your scheduling
  • Use Projected Demand to ensure adequate on-hand raw material
  • Generate automatic work orders
  • Report requirements by job (sales order or work order) and vendor
  • Efficiently consolidate material requisitions by warehouse groups


  • Action by Vendor Report
  • Auto Generate Work Orders Register
  • MRP by Job Report
  • MRP Report
  • Projected Demands Report
  • Warehouse Group Listing


Compatible with Sage 100 Standard and Advanced ERP


Warehouse Groups

Warehouse Groups allows you to define one or more groups that are used by the MRP Generation process to consolidate recommendations for material acquisitions. For reporting purposes, information is also segregated by Warehouse Groups.

Sales Projections

The MRP module provides entry for monthly and weekly sales projections by warehouse for each manufactured item and monthly and weekly sales projections by customer. You can use these projections, along with existing sales orders, to obtain information from the MRP report when purchasing raw material. The Projected Demands report shows actual sales versus projected sales for analytical purposes.

MRP Generation

The MRP Generation process looks at demand based on open sales orders, sales projections, and work order component requirements and supply based on inventory stock levels, open purchase orders, and existing work orders. Product build times, lead times, and supply and demand functions are combined to estimate the need for an inventory item.

Automatic Generation of Work Orders

If you have the Work Order module installed, the Auto Generate Work Orders program uses information from MRP Generation to create or modify work orders for items that have a procurement type of “make.”

Action by Vendor Report

This report groups by vendor all actions that have been recommended by the MRP Generation process. This enables you to have all of the information you need on a one-phone-call-per-vendor listing.

MRP by Job Report

The MRP by Job Report details upcoming requirements for components on a bill of materials by job (for example, Sales Order or Work Order). For each component, you can view the quantities needed, the projected on-hand quantities, and required dates.

Inventory Management Integration

MRP integration with the Inventory Management module is required to access the items needed to distribute or produce finished goods. The on-hand quantities in inventory are recognized as a part of the supply of an item during MRP Generation. The inventory integration supplies all reorder information, vendor lead times, and product build times to MRP Generation.

Purchase Order Integration

When Purchase Order is integrated with MRP, the material on a purchase order is recognized as a part of the supply of an item during MRP Generation. Items on a purchase order compose the basis of the Action by Vendor Report.

Sales Order Integration

When Sales Order is integrated with MRP, the material on a sales order is recognized as part of the demand for an item during MRP Generation.

Bill of Materials Integration

When the Bill of Materials module is integrated with MRP, it supplies the detailed database of components, assemblies, and subassemblies for calculating finished goods versus raw materials. MRP Generation can disassemble all finished goods to their lowest levels to calculate the various time-phased operations needed, and give the necessary material requirement information.

Work Order Integration

Integration with Work Order is optional but is required to automatically update work orders through the MRP process. The Auto Generate Work Orders program places or changes firm-planned work orders for items. The essence of the Work Order and MRP interaction is to improve the work order timing, taking into account the material consumed and produced by the work order to facilitate greater insight and control over the entire shop floor.

For Nonmanufacturers

MRP offers value to distributors as well as manufacturers. In fact, any company using the Sage 100 ERP Inventory Management and Purchase Order modules can leverage MRP to manage the purchasing side of their business.

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