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Cyber Predictions for 2023

By January 13, 2023No Comments

Cyber Predictions

Cybersecurity was a hot button issue in 2022, and as we move forward into the new year, it seems that there is no sign of it going away. Following past trends, SWK has compiled together a list of cyber predictions that may come to fruition throughout the year. Regardless of the outcome we can all expect to see cyber security populate news feeds in 2023.


AI’s Role in Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence has been developing at a rapid pace year after year, and that is not expected to stop in 2023. AI is starting to be used by companies in order to identify potential patterns in data which could indicate a threat on their business. In fact, that companies who use AI to detect data breaches save an average of $3 million compared to those that don’t. However, AI has proven itself to be a double-edged sword in the online landscape. Hackers and cyber criminals can simultaneously use AI to detect weak spots in a company’s network and find where sensitive information could be hidden. 2023 may prove to be a metaphorical arms race to see who can best utilize AI for either criminal intent, or security.

The Expansion of the Internet (of Things)

The internet of things (IoT) is a term used to describe how almost every single object we use on a daily basis has a Wi-Fi connection and sends data to a server. You wake up in the morning and Alexa tells you the weather, you check how many steps you’ve taken with your Apple watch, and you grab your lunch out of a Samsung smart fridge. In 2023, the IoT is predicted to expand to 43 billion unique devices. This could create a massive problem for cyber security as these devices were not created with data security in mind. Hackers could target a weak spot presented by any one of these devices and have access to private information and data. A potential solution which we may encounter in the new year is government intervention, where leaders call upon manufactures to ensure proper security is a priority during the development cycle.

Internet of Thigns

The Importance of Online Literacy

As the working world has gotten largely used to working from home, the need for comprehensive education on how to properly and safely navigate through the internet is paramount. Hackers will continue to use practices such as phishing, sending malware, and using ransomware just as they did in 2022, so having a workforce which knows how to identify these threats could save a lot of time and money. Fortunately, simple steps can be taken to protect your business, like implementing a course on how to spot a phishing email or enabling two factor authentication on all devices. Hackers and cybercriminals rely mostly on ignorance when targeting their victims, so remaining vigilant is the best way to protect yourself, and your business. Fortunately, SWK has a vast and comprehensive database of online awareness training.

An Increase in Data Privacy Laws

A multitude of new data privacy laws are set to go into effect throughout 2023, so staying up to date on these will help your business remain in compliance with the law. The implementation of these laws is already an established trend, so it’s not a reach to assume more will follow throughout the next few years. While the protection of private data is ultimately a net positive, companies may find that altering the way their data is stored, as to follow compliance, could open themselves up to even more risk if the procedures are not followed carefully. Make sure your organization is following proper cybersecurity protocols to avoid any breaches in the future. However, it may be difficult to keep up with best practices when dealing with compliance, but luckily enough SWK can take care of that for you with their expert IT strategy.

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Each year, cybercrime and criminals will find new ways to attack your company and its data. Staying up to date with these trends can be the difference between a safe network, and a breached one. For any cybersecurity needs or predictions of the landscape in the future, make sure to Contact SWK today.

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