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Does Your Business Have These Top Productivity Problems?

By March 10, 2014July 8th, 2019No Comments

Acumatica productivity SWK TechCompanies can’t grow very fast when they have productivity problems. There are a number of reasons why your company might be moving slowly, but the most common reason for slow growth is bad document management systems. Luckily, if you have Acumatica, the cloud-based ERP, you already have full integration with Box—and Box can fix every document management problem you have.

Problem #1: It Takes Forever to Find the File You Need

Picture this: You’re on the phone with a prospective client, and you need to reference some information in your files to answer a question. As you talk, you try to open the file that you need to reference, but no matter where you look, you can’t find the file. As a result, you lose the sale.

If you have to search through multiple folders and subfolders to find an important document, you’ve got a problem. With Box for Acumatica, you’ll know where every file is immediately.  Plus, since Box for Acumatica is on the cloud, you’ll be able to access those important documents even when you’re not at work.

Problem #2: You Have to Wait Too Long for Feedback

Recognize this scenario? You have a document or report due in one week. You create or edit that document, then send it off to sales, accounting, or inventory, (or some other department) because they need to approve or add to the document before you can continue. After four days (and a few choice-worded emails and voicemails), you finally hear back from the other department, and they tell you that everything needs to be changed. You change everything fast, send it out for a final approval and mark the email as “Urgent,” but you don’t hear back until after the document was due. Oops.

If you find yourself wondering if your collaborators have looked at or edited the documents you need, Box can help. All employees have anywhere, anytime access to shared documents, and because everyone can edit the documents and provide instant feedback all within Box, it’s simple to keep your document timing on track.

Problem #3: You Lose Track of Document Versions

Imagine this: You need some ads updated fast, and you send the previous versions of the ads to your marketing department. A few hours later, you realize that there are some updated versions in another folder in your system, and you send those to marketing with an apology. Then, later, you discover that the updated ads you need are in yet another folder in your system, and you tell marketing to use the newest versions. The next day you need the finalized ads, but all you get is a confused call from marketing, wondering which versions are the “newest” ones. Darn.

With Box for Acumatica, your files are always up-to-date with the latest versions. When you need to look at previous versions, you can easily access those too.

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