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Sage 500 ERP

Avoid Consolidation Roadblocks with Sage 500 ERP

By February 13, 2014No Comments

Sage 500 ERP business services consolidation SWKIf you’re in the Business Services industry, you might be considering consolidation. Unlike other common cases of business consolidation, making the choice to consolidate in this industry may be the natural growth of an already successful company, and may be driven mainly by the opportunity your company has to develop national relationships with very large customers. If you’re looking to increase your customer base and expand your offerings, you’re probably looking to buy independent offices that already have proven staff and an existing customer roster—here’s how Sage 500 ERP helps your companies consolidate without running into roadblocks along the way.

Everyone will be in sync

Sage 500 ERP places everyone in your company on the same page, by offering up-to-the-minute data for everyone, no matter their location. Since Sage 500 ERP is built for mid-sized to large companies, your company will have the support and power that it needs, now that you’ve grown larger. Plus, with Sage 500 ERP’s Connector module, you’ll have the power to access and consolidate data from multiple companies so that you and your new employees can build your company together.

Each employee will see personalized, relevant data

With a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like Sage 500 ERP, your employees not only have access to all the real-time data they need to do their jobs better, they also have the ability to customize the data that they see. This streamlines everyone’s workflow, saving time and money across the company. Plus, it makes your company faster so that you can increase your customer response time, increase your services, and increase your revenues.

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