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An Epic Flood & A Remarkable Recovery

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Elan, Inc., based in Newark, New Jersey, is a global leader in the flavor and fragrance industry and a long-time client of SWK Technologies Inc. The company’s commitment to excellence includes being well prepared for a catastrophe — and that commitment was put to a serious test recently when a monster storm flooded the region.

Elan’s IT facility was built to accommodate significant flooding. They had an on-site back-up system. Fortunately, they also subscribed to SWK’s Back-up & Disaster Recovery (BDR) service. Under normal circumstances, this might appear to be one more layer of security that most companies need.

Then came Hurricane Sandy. After the storm, it became apparent that Elan’s BDR investment was a savvy decision.

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  • In late October 2012, Hurricane Sandy flooded Elan’s server room with 9 feet of water.
  • All of the data on their local system — including an on-site back up — was lost.
  • Elan needed to replace their servers and recover their data in order to resume their business


  • The off-site Back-up & Disaster Recovery service provided by SWK Technologies, Inc., which offers automated, off-site back-ups with multiple redundancies.


  • Within 7 days of a catastrophic flood, Elan was back in business and bringing its systems up to speed with its data fully restored.


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