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8 Ways MAPADOC EDI Empowers Your Business

here are 8 ways mapadoc edi empowers your business



Is your EDI solution causing you fits because it can no longer support your customers’ trading requirements?  It’s time for a more compatible EDI solution.

1. Fully embedded in the ERP.

Unlike our competitors, MAPADOC is fully embedded within your ERP so there is no need for an additional interface. MAPADOC is part of your ERP workflow and accessed right in the ERP user interface.

2. MAPADOC has more embedded EDI documents.

There are over 20 EDI documents fully embedded in your ERP solution with many more that are integrated.

3. ERP Expertise.

We know your ERP. With MAPADOC, you have an all-inclusive solution with an all-inclusive team of experts to help you navigate the requirements.

4. Data validation.

MAPADOC validates the data coming from the trading partner to ensure it is brought into the ERP correctly. In addition, MAPADOC uses the ERP’s business logic to ensure data integrity and adherence to business rules.

5. Third party integrations.

MAPADOC integrates with multiple third-party supply chain solutions, including warehousing, carrier, and barcoding software packages. Relevant data is passed between MAPADOC, third-party solutions, and your ERP ensuring seamless data processing.

6. Flexible and customizable.

With the ability to customize your data flow and placement, MAPADOC enables you to work the way you want to, instead being forced to follow an incompatible process.

7. Your success is our success.

Your company will have a personal MAPADOC consultant dedicated to helping you every step of the way! Choose between a turn-key implementation or an assisted implementation where we guide your team through the process, saving you precious time and resources.

8. Full Service EDI.

Most of our customers are not EDI Experts – nor do they want to be. MAPADOC acts not only as the EDI module within your ERP system, but our team fully manages the requirements and processes between you and your customers.

Contact for more information on MAPADOC EDI and how it can empower your business while saving you time and money.

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