The Top Solution for the #1 Brewery Challenge (Podcast)

Running a production brewery is hard work. Not only are there some heavy taxes and laws, but your brewing process is very time sensitive, your margins are too tight, and you have a lot of competition. Plus, there’s that ongoing problem of keg management.  Episode four of the SWK Tech Time Podcast addresses this last point… Read more »

Where Did That GL Entry Come from in Sage ERP X3?

By Lori Royster, Director of Sage ERP X3 Support, SWK Tech Sometimes you run across mysterious transactions when you’re reviewing accounts in your General Ledger in Sage ERP X3. You know you have to account for every transaction you have, but you don’t have the time to put on your sleuthing hat and spend your… Read more »

Target Superconsumers to Increase Your Revenues (Podcast)

Determining your superconsumers is kind of a big deal. Superconsumers are not a new phenomenon (they’re your regulars who love your company), but as data analytics becomes more and more accessible to small and medium-sized companies, we are all learning more about these incredible customers. Today’s post talks about what you need to know about… Read more »

How to Know When You Need an ERP System

Are you trying to decide if you need a new ERP system? We at SWK Tech work with lots of companies who are jumping into the wild world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the first time, and along with all the questions about functionality and user-liscensing, we get one main question all the time…. Read more »

Sage ERP X3 Makes Business Easier

Is your company hesitant to try out an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system because you worry your business would be harder to manage on a day-to-day basis? Have you heard that complex businesses (like yours) require complex computer programs? You can stop wondering because here’s the truth: You do need a complex program, but it… Read more »

How to Quit Your Bad Sales Tax Habits

In a recent survey, researchers found that half of all surveyed businesses were scared that auditors would be likely to find a mistake in their tax compliance practices. That’s a lot of businesses that are terrified that their paperwork is faulty. Because managing an audit has an average total cost of $96,552, that also means… Read more »

Why B2C Ecommerce Systems Don’t Work for B2B

Are you a wholesale distributor looking for an ecommerce solution? If you don’t already have an ecommerce solution, you’re missing out on an opportunity to outpace the competition. If your company has been using an older B2C ecommerce platform for a while, the new, B2B-focused products of today may solve all the problems you’ve been… Read more »

Thank You for Coming to Sage Summit! (Photos)

Were you at Sage Summit 2014 in Las Vegas? Here are some candids that the SWK Tech and MAPADOC teams took of all your beautiful (or handsome) faces. Do you see YOUR smiling face? If you see yourself in one of these pictures, please give us a shout out on Twitter, we want to stay in… Read more »

Verticals, Strategies & Partners: Lessons from Sage Summit (Podcast)

Did you catch the podcast that was recorded live from Sage Summit? It featured Bill Reitz, the vice president of product management at Sage, as well as SWK’s own CEO, Jeffrey Roth. Listen to the podcast recording using this link, and hear all about the Sage and SWK vertical markets. This podcast also talks about… Read more »

Do Your Work Faster: How to Speed Up Crystal Reports for Sage 100 ERP

A few months back, the ERP think-tank at 90 Minds solved a common problem online that we’d been solving over the phone for our customers. If your company has been experiencing an aggravatingly slow start-up in Crystal Reports for Sage 100 ERP 2013, this easy-to-follow tip should help. Thanks to the folks at 90 Minds (especially… Read more »