3 Tips for Staying Secure with Sage 100 ERP

By Sarah Castorillo The advancement of technology brings new security threats, but in business, we all try to make sure our systems are secure and safe from possible attacks. Your company has minimized security threats by installing everything from anti-virus software to hardware firewalls, but what happens when your Sage 100 ERP program stops working… Read more »

Get Paid NOW with TBX: Time & Billing Exact

by Joe Geusic SWK Technologies’ new Time and Billing solution, called TBX, speeds up invoicing for all companies who bill clients based on time. TBX uses the power of the cloud, combined with the strong reporting and supervisory features that make billing easy. Learn more in today’s informative article. It’s like the age-old question: “What… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Work with an ERP Reseller

Since you’re looking into new enterprise resource planning (ERP) options, you’re doing a lot of research. At this point, you’re probably in full research mode actually, looking at page after page on your computer, tablet, and phone to find every data point possible about ERPs. If you’ve done enough research, you’ve probably realized that the… Read more »

How to Make Business Taxes Easier: Avalara

Unless you’re a licensed CPA, doing your taxes feels like taking finals when you haven’t studied or attended class…ever. When you run a small to medium-sized business, taxes are even harder because you have to understand all the sales and use taxes as well. With Sage Sales Tax by Avalara, your tax process will be… Read more »

5 Things to Expect When Upgrading to Sage 100 ERP from QuickBooks

A few weeks ago, SWK Technologies posted an article for small business owners looking to upgrade from QuickBooks. Today’s follow-up article talks about some of the considerations you will need to make when planning an upgrade to Sage 100 ERP, and includes information about some of the pitfalls that small business owners frequently run into… Read more »

Improve Customer Retention with Integrated Customer Services in Sage ERP X3

Smart wholesalers know that the best way to build a strong business is by ensuring that customers are happy all the time. Sage ERP X3 offers your business many ways to increase your customer satisfaction, including consistent customer service, accurate customer needs anticipation, and full understanding about what your customers have ordered in the past…. Read more »

The Most Exciting Release Yet of Acumatica

The “only secure, cloud- and browser-based small and mid-size ERP solution” just got better with a new release that meets your complex business needs, automates your lead management, and is in full compliance with industry security standards—all while maintaining the remarkable speed and reliability that business owners like you need. Acumatica version 4.2, released on… Read more »

How Chemical Manufacturers Save Money on Energy Costs with Sage ERP X3

If you run a chemical manufacturing plant, one of your biggest costs is energy and feedstocks consumption, but there is a way to ensure that your company is keeping those costs down. Feedstocks and energy can account for more than half of a chemical company’s production costs, and keeping energy costs reasonable depends on your… Read more »

The Clearest and Simplest Explanation of the Heartbleed Bug

Have you heard about the newly discovered Heartbleed bug that has affected millions of sites across the entire Internet? At this point, the news is pretty widespread that on April 7, the world discovered a massive security problem that many Internet security researchers are saying is the top bug that has ever hit the Internet…… Read more »