Fastest Recap: Sage Summit Keynote 07-29-14

Me and my 5,000 new friends at #SageSummit at the opening keynote. Selfie on stage. — Himanshu Palsule (@himanshupalsule) July 29, 2014 Did you miss the Sage Summit keynote this morning? Perhaps you didn’t get the chance to travel to Vegas to attend this year’s Summit, or perhaps you rolled out of your hotel… Read more »

Suppliers: Is Your Business Heading Toward a Dead End?

Ever been out shopping at Target, scanned an item with Amazon’s pricing app, then bought the item (cheaper) from Amazon? If so, you’re an omnichannel shopper. The fact that everybody does that same thing these days actually has a huge impact on your business. Learn the facts: How does this trend affect suppliers? Welcome to… Read more »

What Exactly Does an EDI System Do? (Video)

Have you seen the new MAPADOC video? It explains what electronic data interchange (EDI) is, what it does, and how it helps suppliers like you. Check it out. Seriously. It’s amazing and it takes less than two minutes to watch. Watch the video above and become your company’s EDI expert today. Can’t watch a video at… Read more »

Here’s What to Pack for Sage Summit

Are you new to Sage Summit and wondering what to pack? That’s all right, we here at SWK Technologies have got you covered with today’s in-depth post about what to bring. To give you the full picture, we interviewed both Sam Hunter, SWK’s EVP of customer experience and eight-year Summit veteran, as well as Hellene… Read more »

3 Tips for Documenting Drop Shipping Tax Exemptions

By Amiee Keenan, Avalara / Sage Sales Tax Companies that drop ship can avoid the hassle of having to collect sales tax in most states by claiming a resale exemption. However, correctly documenting a drop shipment for tax purposes can be tricky, particularly when you do not know what form to use. Companies that don’t… Read more »

10 Ways to Never Save Time at Work

By Patty Benitez Tired of being productive? Want to lug more work home with you at the end of every day? Feel your desk just isn’t complete without a stack of papers that even Superman can’t jump over? Here are ten ways to never save time at work. Don’t keep track of remote employees. Ask… Read more »

The Best Part of Sage Summit (from Patty Benitez)

In preparation for Sage Summit, we decided to catch up with Patty Benitez, Senior Channel Sales Executive at SWK and MAPADOC, and also the woman behind the new TBX time and billing solution. We asked her a few questions about her past experiences at Sage Summit, and her expectations for this year. First off, what… Read more »

A New Way to Look at Partnerships | SWK Tech Time Podcast

The newest episode of the SWK Tech Time podcast is out, and this time host Mike Failla interviewed Jeffrey Roth, the CEO of SWK Technologies, about the importance and impact of business partnerships. Check out the newest podcast here. What makes partnerships work? In this episode of the podcast, Mr. Roth not only talks about how to… Read more »

Myths vs. Facts: Sage ERP X3

Have you ever heard someone say that Sage ERP X3 is too complex for anyone in your company to understand properly? Yeah, we’ve heard that too—and it’s a myth. We think that the reason you hear that tale a lot is because all the companies using Sage ERP X3 want to maintain the competitive advantage… Read more »

A Can’t-Miss Session for Sage 100 ERP Users at Sage Summit

SWK Technologies will be presenting in a can’t-miss session. It’s called “Time Tracking in the Modern Age: What Businesses That Provide Services Need to Know” (BUS-504). Mark your calendar now for Wednesday, July 30, at 12:00pm PDT in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Mandalay Bay Convention Hall. Patty Benitez, a third-party billing software expert, will… Read more »