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Why We Didn’t Build An Accounting Platform Into BeerRun

By October 4, 2013No Comments

Beer Run - Brewery Management Software

We get asked sometimes why we didn’t build a general ledger with full accounting/bookkeeping functionality into BeerRun software.

We chose instead to design a client-driven solution that integrates with popular accounting systems, for several reasons:

  • Practicality. We can offset the limitations of accounting software without having to migrate you to a new platform. 90% of craft brewers use an entry-level program like QuickBooks, so that’s our default — although we integrate with others as well.
  • Flexibility. We have no design constraints. If it’s a useful feature or function that’s based on sound business practice, we can build it in.
  • Affordability. We keep our costs down. Hardware needs are reduced to a working PC with web access; plus QuickBooks is dirt cheap (Online or Pro is all you need).
  • Simplicity. We save our clients a lot of time and grief. Migrating to a new platform is rarely quick or easy or fun, even if the new solution is great.

By reducing the role of accounting systems to a checkbook and taking over the tasks they’re not built to do wellBeerRun makes brewery management much simpler — and the spreadsheet beast gets tamed fast!

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