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What’s New in Sage HRMS?

By July 14, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

HRMS Tools Just Took a Giant Leap Forward

The 2020s have been characterized by high employee turnover. For many companies, it has felt like a moonshot simply to maintain staffing levels. Your HR department probably feels overwhelmed. Fortunately, Sage Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) has released an exciting new web-based experience that promises to streamline and improve your HR department’s workload.

The new web-based Sage HR software brings your HR operations into the future by increasing efficiency and productivity, improving the user experience, and encouraging company-wide software adoption – immediately.

Discover your future with new, web-based HR software.

What Is New in Sage HRMS?

Existing or new users with Sage HRMS premium (subscription) version now have access to a web-based HR software experience that seamlessly delivers background performance improvements along with quarterly enhancements to functionality.

This is the update you have been waiting for.

The web-based experience frees your company from the requirement to install and manage Sage’s HR software on the hundreds or thousands of computers your company uses. This is because the web-based software has a single server-based point of access that delivers anywhere / anytime use and empowers your IT team with seamless maintenance, tighter security, and easier upgrades.

The Sage team is listening, and they know your organization is busy. Therefore, they have decided to release web-based HR software services in a more accessible, multi-phased update approach that gets your team using the web software immediately with little training time required.

Phase 1 was released in March 2023. It includes core functionality, such as:
  • Employee information pages – Securely update and manage employee data from anywhere in the world, including personal details, pay and job information, benefits, time off, career, and safety data. You can also manage new hires and rehires, as well as delete employee records.
  • Multi-step entry – Save time by performing multiple tasks at time of entry, leveraging the web-based version’s streamlined entry capabilities.
  • Reminder schedulers – Delegate effectively with tools that help you assign tasks to others and hold them accountable with deadlines.
  • Process management tools – Enter in data as you receive it with easy-to-use web-based process tools that make it easy to view progress at a glance. See which HR tasks are pending, in process, or completed.
  • On-page input tools and tips – The new, web-based Sage HRMS includes simple yet powerful features to help employees and HR staff enter data quickly and confidently. On-page tips provide the information users need to complete a page properly, the active cell highlight shows where a user is on the page, and error indications show where problems exist (with recommended fixes).

This is only the beginning. This was a giant leap forward for HR software, but Sage is not stopping now.

To serve your needs, Sage has developed an exciting launch plan that provides additional functionality to users each quarter. This unique release model empowers your team to get off the ground with your Sage HRMS web-based experience right now, and then easily phase in more and more functionality each quarter.

Start Your Web-Based HR Software Journey Today

The new web-based experience of Sage’s HR software is available now to premium (subscription) users. New users can purchase it as an add-on to their current Sage software or as a standalone solution.

We encourage you to move boldly into the future of your HR operations, starting now. Transform your HR tasks immediately with this modernized, streamlined software and its user-friendly redesign.

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