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What Is ERP Hosting?

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What Is ERP Hosting

Check Out This Expert Answer to the Question, “What Is ERP Hosting?”


ERP hosting is the practice of storing your ERP and its related data on servers that are not located on your premises.

Businesses find that ERP hosting improves speed and performance for an ERP like Sage 100 because it delivers the IT equipment and configurations best suited to their specific ERP version and storage needs. It also enables workers to securely access the ERP from anywhere, without sacrificing that speed or performance.

What Is ERP Hosting?

That was the overview. However, if someone at your work asks you to explain what is ERP hosting, just remember to tell them these 3 things:

  1. ERP hosting hosts a single ERP application and its data on the cloud. (By “on the cloud,” we mean it will be in a secure datacenter that is not on your premises.)
  2. Leading ERP hosting providers will leverage their experience and knowledge to set up and optimize your IT environment for you. This is based on your ERP version, the number of users you have, and your storage needs. (AWS can’t do that.)
  3. Your ERP hosting provider will also manage your setup and provide proactive, 24×7 cybersecurity along with appropriate server space to keep your ERP at peak performance all the time. (This lowers costs for your IT hardware and labor.)

How Does ERP Hosting Benefit SMBs?

Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) that choose to host an ERP like Sage 100 on the cloud experience the best of both worlds. They achieve cloud convenience, and they do not have to invest significant resources into migrating to a new, cloud-based ERP.

A few benefits of ERP hosting are that it:

  • Lowers overall IT costs

Your hosting provider will manage, secure, update, and optimize your ERP and the IT equipment it requires, scaling up or down as needed. This reduces your IT-related CapEx and labor costs.

  • Improves IT performance

By hosting your ERP with a trusted provider, you will know that qualified experts are working at all times to keep your ERP speedy and reliable. It also means you will experience incredible network uptime with fewer disruptive update outages.

  • Widens network access

Many businesses searching for the term “what is ERP hosting” are primarily looking for a hassle-free way to extend their ERP to remote or on-the-go workers. This is actually one of the most popular benefits of ERP hosting.

  • Tightens cybersecurity

ERP hosting with the right team upgrades your cybersecurity. At SWK Technologies, for example, our Security Operations Center team’s #1 task is to proactively hunt down and neutralize cyberthreats against hosted ERPs. Our business continuity services keep your data safer too.

What Is ERP Hosting versus a Managed ERP Infrastructure / IaaS?

The difference between ERP hosting and a Managed ERP Infrastructure (IaaS) is that ERP hosting provides storage and maintenance for just your one ERP and its related data, whereas a Managed ERP Infrastructure provides storage and maintenance for multiple applications plus business control servers such as database servers.

You can read more about the differences between ERP hosting and a Managed ERP Infrastructure here.

Ask the Experts All Your ERP Hosting Questions

When you are ready to learn more about ERP hosting, including a breakdown of pricing terms and an understanding of what it would take to host your ERP in the cloud, please contact SWK Technologies to learn more.

Why ask SWK? Because the best way to learn about ERP hosting is to get one-on-one answers from an expert on the topic. The SWK Tech team has longtime, award-winning experience working with Sage ERPs as well as longtime, award-winning experience managing IT environments.

When you talk to one of our experts, you know you will be able to get the answers you need – in record time.


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