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What Is BeerRun?

By March 14, 2013No Comments

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BeerRun is the perfect software solution for Craft Brewers who want to run their brewery as efficiently and profitably as possible. In our last post, we offered ten reasons why you will love BeerRun. Now let’s discuss what it is and how it helps solve brewers’ challenges and concerns.

BeerRun provides a central information source that can help you migrate away from time-consuming manual tasks, like managing inventory and production with spreadsheets, and stand-alone accounting systems, to a fully integrated process. You will be able to take advantage of all opportunities and increase productivity.

If your microbrewery produces or plans to produce between 1,000 and 50,000 barrels per day, then you should not be without BeerRun Software.

Forecasting & Planning

BeerRun allows you to schedule future batches of beer, but not commit to actually brewing until it’s in the mash tun. You can add or delete batches as needed prior to producing the batch and the fermentation Gantt chart automatically updates with every change. This gives you the flexibility to adjust production to best fit your brewery’s schedule.

If a particular batch under-attenuated and will take longer than anticipated, it’s no problem. BeerRun allows you to change the start and finish dates as needed to match what’s really happening.

BeerRun’s forecasting capability will help you make purchasing decisions. It allows you to compare your projected brews to the ingredients on hand, and provides you with the information needed to determine when to order more. This helps with “just in time” production as well as cash flow. When the power of projecting brews in BeerRun is combined with the inventory in your accounting system, you get a responsive reorder point that’s driven by the actual operations in your brewery — rather than an arbitrary re-order point that’s set once and forgotten.

BeerRun allows you to plan efficiently and effectively. It enables you to project the timing of a style and when the batches will complete fermentation. It also allows you to stagger batches appropriately — so you won’t produce too much of one particular style and too little of another.

Our visual color-coded Gantt chart clearly shows which batches are brewed in specific tanks. You can also drill down into specific batch orders.

TTB Reporting & Regulatory Compliance

BeerRun enables you to automatically compile, print or file online your federal TTB Excise and Brewer’s Report of Operations as well as your state returns.

BeerRun is designed to eliminate unnecessary data entry and errors in your TTB Report of Operations. It captures all the necessary data from each batch in real time, stores it in the cloud and automatically compiles it into a report at every step along the way. You no longer have to spend time hand-keying information into spreadsheets every quarter or month. You also don’t have to worry about missing something because of lost paperwork, or about entering it on your report twice.

With BeerRun, an accurate Report of Operations is just a few clicks away from completion at any time.

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