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U.S. Manufacturing Outlook Special Report Now Available

By November 3, 2014October 25th, 2019No Comments

Do you know what 2015 will bring?

More manufacturing leaders are feeling optimistic about sales and growth for next year—are you? Read the “U.S. Manufacturing Report for Year End 2014 & 2015” to learn what to expect as we prepare for the crush of the fourth quarter and beyond.

Here’s just a taste of the in-depth research that this special report contains:

Relevant Information for U.S. Manufacturers

“U.S. manufacturing leaders are notably more sanguine about their companies’ year-end prospects than last year. The potential for volatility remains, however, stemming from lingering structural issues in Europe, uncertainty about the future in Russia and Ukraine, and slower growth in China. But the overall global outlook is good and manufacturers are investing accordingly.”

Economic Outlook

“Pursuing a ‘profitable growth’ strategy, two-thirds of manufacturing leaders are placing an equal emphasis on revenue growth and cost reductions. Introducing new products, increasing sales from existing customers, and leveraging data to make smarter business decisions, top the list of revenue-building strategies. Improving productivity, reducing product costs, and improving processes, are the leading cost-cutting tactics this year.”

Top Revenue Growth Strategies

“With two thirds of manufacturers reporting that they plan to increase capacity over the next 18 months, half report that they have increased their capital expense budgets for 2014. In addition to floor space and facility expansions, a large proportion of manufacturers plan to increase their contract manufacturing activity.”

Investment Focus

“Although half of manufacturers have frozen IT spending, two out of five increased their IT budget for 2014 by one percent or more. As the transition to cloud-based applications continues to unfold, the top solutions currently being tested and evaluated are E-commerce and business intelligence applications.”

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