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Updates For Sage 500 ERP

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Sage 500 ERP UpdatesSage 500 ERP has added some significant new changes to make the life of you and your employees easier and to reduce credit card fraud exposure.

Credit Card Processing

The ability to accept and process credit card transactions is vital to today’s business operations. Sage 500 ERP has included these capabilities for some time, but there are some significant changes in the 2013 release with the introduction of Sage Exchange for credit card processing.

Sage Exchange is cloud-based technology that provides the integration between Sage 500 ERP and the Sage Payments Gateway. It consists of two key elements: the Sage Exchange Portal and the Sage Exchange Vault.

Sage Exchange Portal

Sage Exchange Portal provides a user-configurable dashboard and flexibility to view payments information on the web through a tablet or desktop. The dashboard can be customized to gain access to the information that is important to you. Use the predefined tabs to assign access to Sage Exchange Portal for your employees, and easily make connections using tablets or mobile phones. Plus, you gain 24/7 access to the Sage Payment Solutions customer support database right at your fingertips.

Sage Exchange Vault

With the release of Sage 500 ERP 2013, fraud exposure is reduced by only storing sensitive cardholder data in the secure, cloud-based Sage Exchange Vault.

For added cardholder security, Sage 500 ERP 2013 will also allow a one-time use credit card for a payment transaction without saving credit card information. Users migrating from previous versions of the software will be able to easily move customers’ credit card information from their current location into the secure Sage Exchange Vault. The migration process will be streamlined for existing Sage Payment Solutions users.

Sage Exchange technology includes connection to a secure vault for storing all sensitive credit card information outside of Sage 500 ERP, as well as for processing credit card transactions.

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