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Two SWK Exclusives: IM-1038 and PO-1033 Extended Solutions

By June 28, 2011No Comments

SWK is the only provider of IM-1038 and PO-1033 in the nation! Nowhere else will you find these two extended solutions for Sage ERP MAS 90/200, version 4.4.

  • IM-1038 : Alternate Unit of Measure – Adds an Alternate Unit of Measure (AUM), and Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) to Product Line Maintenance and Item Maintenance.
  • PO-1033 : Alternate Unit of Measure – Adds two new fields, Cost per Alternate Unit of Measurement (CAUM) and Quantity per Alternate Unit of Measure (QAUM), to the Purchase Order Line Entry screen. These two new fields will only be present if the Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) for the Inventory Item does not equal zero. The QAUM and CAUM fields may be entered, and whenever they are changed, the respective Quantity fields, Unit Cost and Extension fields may be back‐calculated using the AUMF.

SWK is your go-to provider for Sage Extended Solutions. We have a full library of in-demand titles your customers need to get the most out of Sage MAS.

Contact us today for more information!

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