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Terms On Time: Your Virtual A/R Assistant For Sage 100 ERP

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Terms on Time

The Easiest Way To Keep Net 30 From Becoming Net 60

Ask any business and they’ll tell you that cash flow is their lifeblood. That’s why it’s important to get paid faster and Terms On Time can help!  Terms On Time is a virtual Accounts Receivable assistant that will send customer invoices by email, verify receipt, monitor whether invoices have been paid, and gently nudge your customer with automatic email reminders when a balance is past-due.

Invoices are sent in PDF format, including a link that provides your customers with the optional convenience of paying online via credit card, electronic check, or ACH.

Integrated with Sage 100 ERP

Total integration and automatic synchronization with Sage 100 ERP means there are no extra steps in using Terms On Time.  The invoices you process in Sage 100 ERP are automatically posted to Terms On Time.  Then when you receive the customer payment, both systems are updated. No duplicate data entry or manual synchronization… it all just works behind the scenes.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Automatic Email Reminders are perhaps the most powerful feature of Terms On Time. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Or in this case, the cash!

Simply set the timing and frequency of automated past-due reminders and let Terms On Time do the heavy lifting.  You’ll reduce uncomfortable collections calls, eliminate the need to resend invoices, and save a bunch of time and hassle.

If your accounts receivable staff is overwhelmed with administrative tasks or you simply want to keep Net 30 from becoming Net 60, it’s time for Terms On Time – the easiest way to get paid faster.

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