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SWK Technologies Creates Six New Cloud-Based Solutions

By July 12, 2011No Comments

Are you familiar with the cloud? SWK Technologies, Inc. is …. We just developed six new Cloud-based solutions.

With more business moving to the Cloud, our customers require the kinds of solutions that help them automate their systems and processes as much as possible. We expect all six of these solutions to be well-adopted by our customers and channel partners alike.

The solutions include:

SWK Import Center – A paperless, SaaS solution designed for companies who import goods from overseas. When companies work with overseas suppliers, Import Center offers real-time status of all shipments and contains sequence loading controls. These minimize the handling of goods and assist in loading containers in a logical manner. Reports are automatically updated with all transaction information.

SWK Finance Center – Enables non-profit agencies to track grant and other programs from various funding sources over multiple fiscal years and budget lines. The application enables payments to be processed with complete underlying documentation. Finance Center integrates with Sage MIP and other fund-based accounting packages. Modules include Management, Purchasing, Payments and Document Management.

SWK Crew and Care Tracker – These Cloud applications are used by companies that have crews or caregivers who visit customer’s premises/homes. The application leverages a mix of voice and smartphone technology to provide alerts as to when the crew arrives, when they leave the premises, what services were provided, and assists with the creation of automatic billing based upon time and/or the services provided. Weekly reports by customer and crew member showing time in/out are also available. Crew and Care Tracker integrate with Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 and Sage MAS 500.

SWK Time Center – This application captures biometric time, enabling employees to clock in/out from multiple locations with real-time management visibility to accrue and consume leave, process for payroll, and store employee documentation. Time Center is designed for companies that need to track hourly employees and understand who is in/out and where each employee is located.

SWK Construction Center – A Cloud-based application used by mid-sized construction firms and general contractors to manage various aspects of construction projects, including document and contract management, payments, sales tracking, scheduling, and management tracking/reporting. Construction Center integrates with Sage Timberline, Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 and Sage MAS 500.

SWK Brewery Management System (BMS) – A public and private Cloud-based application designed for microbreweries and their distributors that offers a real-time view of all orders for management and distributors. Among other features, BMS enables graphical timelines of orders, batches and fermentation tanks, production planning with load balancing and inventory requisitions, real-time changes in packaging and automated keg management and reporting. BMS integrates with many of the leading middle market accounting software packages.

For more information on SWK Cloud Solutions, please contact SWK at 973-758-6127 or

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