Determine Your Own Destiny

PSP is a new and truly different kind of Sage Reseller Partner Program.

PSP was formed to help you best serve your customers and generate more top line and recurring revenue without giving up control of your customer relationships and without the need for you to hire new resources or make significant investments.

Here are the key principles of our program.

How we work together

PSP revolves around the principle of an mutually beneficial partner relationship. It’s your company, and we get that. The executive sponsors at SWK were all entrepreneurs at one time, so we understand the years of work it took you to build your business. That must be respected. Our focus is on helping you, the entrepreneur.

They’re your customers!

We want to help you get the most of your customer relationships, but at the end of day, they’re your customers. You decide how we work together to serve them, who we engage or don’t engage. You know what’s best for your business and your customers, and we will abide by that.

What do you need to do?

As much or as little as you prefer. We have the resources to directly engage your customers, and under your guidance and supervision, we’re happy to do the heavy lifting while you watch the deals come in. Alternatively, we can work side-by-side  in generating deals.  Or, you can leverage our resources and marketing campaigns and take the lead yourself.  Your call.

What if you change your mind?

You have that right. Like we said, it’s your company and your customers. You can opt out of the program any time you want.

Determine your own destiny, and how you get there

Interested in learning more about PSP? About why PSP is a different kind of partner program?

We’ll start by practicing what we preach – it’s your call. We’ll tell you more about PSP by phone or onsite. You let us know.

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I’ve been a Sage reseller for decades and in my experience most partner alliance programs usually end up just taking over our customers by forcing an ROR change. In many cases, they end up putting additional burdens on me and my business. PSP is different.

My relationship with SWK allows me keep control of my customers, they brought the right resources to the table on day one, and helped us uncover new opportunities. I’m already getting benefits from PSP and highly recommend SWK’s program to Sage resellers that could use a boost to their business.

Jim RosenbergPresident, NEO3, LLC

Note: PSP is a pilot program recognized and authorized by Sage.