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Sage Terminates Partner Advocate Program – SWK’s PSP Continues

By September 3, 2020No Comments

Carla Brown

VP of Partners and Alliances

SWK Technologies, Inc.

The Sage Partner Advocate Program is Ending October 2020

Sage Group plc announced that it is canceling the Sage Partner Advocate program, effective October 21, 2020. The Advocate program was a Sage-endorsed program to create a collaborative support and sales network between smaller and larger resellers. SWK’s proprietary version of the program, the Sage Partner Success Program (“PSP”), was a great success for our partners and customers, increasing both revenue and engagement.  As a result, SWK will continue to keep this program open and available for all Sage resellers who wish to join and participate in its benefits.

What This Means for Smaller Sage Resellers

The Sage Advocate program allowed smaller resellers to partner with larger firms, extending their customer reach and exposing them to new support resources and sales opportunities. Without access to the program, smaller partners may not be able to qualify for their current tier by Sage’s next fiscal year-end in September 2020 or the future. This situation will lead to those resellers being subjected to smaller margins on sales, or even losing their certified status entirely.

SWK’s PSP will continue to help smaller Sage partners find a way to maintain and expand their business.  We offer several options:

  1. We have formed an alliance program that enables partners to take advantage of our substantial sales and marketing resources, enhancing the Sage partner’s existing sales team, and enabling them to continue to grow their customer base while keeping their consulting teams busy. In addition, we have the access and expertise with dozens of third-party products which represent incremental revenue opportunities for the Sage partner.
  2. The Sage partner can alternatively become part of one of the largest Sage resellers in the world, and the only publicly-traded company in the Sage ecosystem, via an acquisition or merger.

SWK Technologies is one of the top Sage partners worldwide, and PSP has allowed dozens of other resellers to take advantage of the extensive support and sales resources we can provide. SWK has supported 29 partners through the Advocate program, as well as over 50 additional alliances with other Sage and ERP partners.  We have helped our existing partners grow their business and revenue, including MRR, to put more money in their pockets.

Join SWK PSP to Keep Your Sage Business

Time is running out for smaller resellers to continue capturing the benefits of working with a more extensive Sage partner network and to ensure their tier placement. SWK’s PSP is here to help you keep your current Sage business, as well as empowering you to expand your horizons across the Sage ecosystem.

For more information on SWK’s PSP – including how to join – please contact me ( or Channel Sales Executive Hellene Thurston ( today.

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