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Surviving More Than the Storm

By August 8, 2023No Comments

Natural Disasters can damage multiple aspects of your business, not just the physical location of an office. In 2020, A tornado hit Nashville and devastated the local area, including Western Express’s (a transportation company) HQ. Included in the destruction brought upon by the tornado was the total loss of their data center. This shows that having a business continuity plan, which is your level of readiness to maintain critical functions after an emergency or disruption, is crucial to surviving anything life throws your way, not just cyber-attacks from hackers. Fortunately, our E-Book Natural Disaster Survival Guide for Businesses outlines exactly what you need to know to help prepare for events like these.

Hurricanes Can Impact Your Company

Hurricane season is fully underway, and with it comes the risk that another big storm, like Sandy, could totally devastate your business. Hurricanes and coastal storms can impact your business in three serious ways:

  • Direct damage to your operating facility. High winds, flooding, and flying tree limbs can damage the structural integrity of your office.
  • Power outages can put your business out of commission for days, or even weeks.
  • Regional Impacts can affect suppliers, customers, and business partners – disrupting the flow of commerce.

To prevent a storm from causing irreversible, long-lasting damage, make sure that your business has a plan. This includes continuous off-site backup of data, applications, and server images. Additionally, the ability to store IT operations in the cloud, or at a site further inland from the coast could save you hassle and money when the next big storm hits.

Key Principals of Business Continuity

Our E-Book outlines 7 key principles of business continuity, all of which are surprisingly simple yet necessary to ensure the protection and survival of your data. Examples like keeping customers in the loop seem especially easy, as customers are the lifeblood of every business. Having simple alerts on a company website, email broadcasts, or social media posts can let them know when operations are down and when you plan on getting back up and running. This can turn a natural disaster into an opportunity for long-term customer loyalty. If you want to see the other 6 key principles, make sure to sign up for the E-Book at the end of this post.

SWK’s Business Continuity Plan

SWK understands the risks natural disasters can have on your business. Studies have shown that up to 43% of companies experiencing a major data loss could not recover, 51% collapsed within two years, and only 6% were able to survive a breach or other catastrophe that compromised their critical data. SWK’s Business Assurance solution provides robust backup recovery deliverables that ensure your data – and your business – remains whole. Additionally, SWK’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) service provides modern solutions to data loss and network downtime.

Download the E-Book Today

Relying on luck can only get you so far, but knowing exactly what steps to take in difficult situations can make the difference between a working operation, and a business in disarray. Make sure to fill out the form below and discover all of the ways a business continuity plan can help protect your business from any sort of natural disaster.


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