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The Sage Summit Secret Is Out: Magic in the Air

By July 31, 2014No Comments


Now announcing the super-secret and magic news we’ve been hinting about

For all of you who didn’t attend but who have been hearing about the awesome, super-secret, very magic show we planned this year for Sage Summit, we’re finally ready to spill the beans: we hired an acrobat to do incredible feats at our booth this year.


It was really cool.

The video above is our actual booth at Sage Summit this year. We were supposed to have an acrobat who hopped back and forth between two poles, but he got hurt right before Summit so this acrobat was his stand in. I have to say, the sheer strength that this acrobat has just blows my mind. This guy is incredible. Take a look at the video to see what you missed (and then start making plans to attend next year’s Sage Summit because we’re planning something even better!).

To those of you who were at Summit this year

Thank you so much for coming by to see us at our booth! We really enjoyed catching up with all of you this year, and we look forward to seeing you next year. However, we at SWK feel that a year can be a bit long to wait before catching up. Please make sure to contact us sometime over the next few months when you have a minute. Maybe we won’t hear from you until after the holidays, or maybe we’ll hear from you next week, but we’d love to hear soon about the new challenges your business has overcome, the new clients you’ve signed, and what you’re up to in your own life.

Check out the video!

Our Sage Summit keynote recap for the 31st will be published tomorrow morning so that you have something to read while waiting for your plane (or on your morning commute), but in the meantime, we have this great video to share with you. Bookmark it so that you can show your family when you get home—whether you’re going home from Las Vegas or you’re going home from work, you’ll want to show off how cool this acrobat is. Thanks to him, and to everyone who stopped by to say hi to us or to read our recaps on our blog. The real magic at Sage Summit 2014 was you. (Yes, I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.)

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