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Sales Management with Sage ERP X3

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Sage ERP X3 Sales ManagementSales is often considered as the driving force of an organization.  Without a well-trained, accurately-informed sales team, future revenue and, therefore, the success of a company is in jeopardy.  With Sage ERP X3, sales information is organized and connected, giving your sales representatives the best possible chance to close a sale with up-to-date information on all leads and prospects.

Sage ERP X3 enables your organization to:

  • Monitor all sales information concerning customers or prospects
  • Manage sales force assignment
  • Monitor corresponding targets and commissions

Additionally, the sales capabilities of Sage ERP X3 provide a quick look at information concerning products, price lists, discounts, or carriers, among others.

Utilizing the sales management capabilities, Sage ERP X3 equips your business to:

  • Issue customer quotations
  • Book orders and transmit order acknowledgements
  • Manage contracts
  • Display and allocate goods from stock
  • Manage the dispatch and loan of goods prior to invoicing

Sales Management is part of the distribution functionality within Sage ERP X3, which also includes Purchasing Management, and Inventory and Warehouse Management. The main features of Sage ERP X3 Sales Management include:

  • Order Entry
  • Quotes and Contracts
  • Invoicing Reminders
  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Inventory Inquiry and Allocations
  • Delivery and Shipping
  • Sales Commissions
  • Loans
  • Customer Returns
  • Credit Checking
  • Inter-Company and Inter-site Sales 

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