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Sage X3 Ranks in Top 5 ERPs

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Sage X3


Consulting Firm Lists Sage X3 as a Top 10 ERP for New Year

ERP consulting group, Third Stage Consulting, recently released a list of the Top 10 ERP Systems for 2020, with Sage X3 listed in the top 5. The rankings were based on Third Stage’s own methodology, which the firm explains was developed to be completely technology-agnostic. Over 100 ERP solutions were reviewed, and chosen based on the right combination of industry focus and deliverables, technology improvements, reseller network depth and many other factors that determine the ultimate value of ERP to mid-market businesses.

Here are the biggest takeaways from the Top 10 ERPs in 2020 ranking:

ERP Ranking Evaluation

Third Stage expanded their typical Top 5 list to allow their rankings to account for more comprehensive factors for 2020. This year’s benchmarks were focused more on real-world application and value on the customer side, as well as delivery and support for both on the vendor’s.

2020’s criteria included:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • ROI
  • Actual Customer Adoption Rate
  • Scalability
  • Technology Maturity
  • Cloud Maturity
  • Rate of Innovation
  • Reseller Ecosystem

Sage X3 Moves into Top 5 ERPs

Sage X3 had previously never made into Third Stage’s lists, though this year’s rankings saw the solution achieve two milestones in placement. It was the first year Sage X3 placed on the featured list, as well as capturing the highest ranking yet given by the firm. This was namely due to Sage ERP’s value for mid-market manufacturers along with the simplicity of the solution compared to products like SAP.

With a native framework that supports flexibility and scalability out-of-the-box, Sage X3 implementations allow for faster and more cost-effective ROI. Third Stage’s listing highlights how Sage has leveraged their lower-risk value delivery and technology maturity to stand out among newer and bigger brand ERP offerings.

See What the New Features Sage X3 Has for Manufacturing


Process Manufacturing and Cloud-Capable ERP

Third Stage Consulting specifically chose Sage X3 for the Top 5 place for the strength of its out-of-the-box supply chain management features. “The reason Sage has moved up and gaining momentum is because it’s a manufacturing supply chain-specific solution,” said Eric Kimberling, CEO at Third Stage Consulting. “A lot of functionality that, quite frankly, some of the newer flagship cloud solutions don’t have, Sage X3 already has natively.” Many customers have already seen firsthand the value of Sage’s process automation technology, such as Avlon Industries, a cosmetics manufacturing and client of SWK Technologies.

Sage X3’s manufacturing and distribution features include project management planning, raw material update automation, and non-conformance management for easier compliance with process manufacturing regulations. Sage has continued to improve upon these attributes with the solution’s move to the cloud with enhancements like improved tax updates and mobile functionality.

Sage X3 Provides Best in Value for Process Manufacturers

Sage X3 is the most cost-effective solution available for process manufacturing in the midmarket. Don’t just take our word for it – Forrester Research carried out their own study on Sage ERP to evaluate its value to manufacturers with hard data.

Download the free report by Forrester to learn the total economic impact of Sage X3 for your business.

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