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Sage X3 Function: Inventory Management

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Our Sage X3 blog posts have recently detailed the different functions that make up the entire Sage ERP X3 system.  We started to detail the entire Distribution Management system in Sage X3. There are three functional areas that comprise distribution: Purchasing Management, Inventory Management, and Sales Management.  The previous post described the Purchasing Management application.  This blog will continue on with the various features in the Inventory Management domain. With it you will be able to ensure real-time monitoring of your companies inventory and warehouse assets with features that allow for complete quality control.

sage x3 inventory

Inventory Management

Comprehensive Product Information: Sage X3 Inventory provides a common repository for maintaining product information used in sales, purchasing, warehousing, and production. Sage ERP X3 manages lots, serial numbers, shelf life, expiration dates, and potency. Supported costing methods include standard, average unit, FIFO, LIFO, last, lot, and order cost. Sales information referring to substitutes, supersessions, warranty periods, customer products, and packaging is also provided. Products can be handled in various units of measure including stock, sales, purchasing, and packing, and in different types such as volume and length.

Location Management:  Site parameters are used for flexible location numbering format definitions, as well as warehouse receiving, storage, and picking location assignments. Controls are provided to facilitate, delay, or restrict access to locations as needed. Locations can be dedicated to specific items, dynamically assigned, or used to track inventory stored at third-party sites.

Inventory Balance Snapshots: Sage X3 allows users to view stock balances by site including on-hand, reserved, available, on-order, in-transit, on backorder, and QC, with further zooms to details at the location and lot levels.  Available-to-Promise and projected stock level inquiries help users to visually see—using tables, graphs, or charts—the impact of events like order allocations and planned purchase or production orders.

Quality Control and Sampling:  Quality control features include forward and backward tracing of all QC-related transactions, as well as managing the disposition of accepted and rejected items. Both normal and lot-controlled items can be tracked from the point of origin—production or supplier—to the subsequent end user. All QC historical transactions are available on a single, easy-to-view window. Quantities in QC may be considered when calculating available stock. Special features are available to control items managed by expiration date, potency, and International Units. QC Sampling logic that supports the ISO 2859 standard is available. Sampling is initiated through multilevel controls and is integrated throughout the QC process.

Replenishment:  Inventory replenishment rules and data are maintained by product and site to help balance customer service and inventory levels, including lead time, safety stock, reorder formulas, and firm and planning time horizons. Replenishment orders can be generated as part of MRP or to reorder buy-for-stock items separately.  Multiple-order point and quantity schemes are supported including minimum/maximum, EOQ, and period coverage. Replenishment orders automatically become open requirements for action by production or purchasing. Internal picking bins are automatically replenished from bulk storage.

Stock Movements: Sage X3 manages all inbound, outbound, and intrasite stock movements. Receipts, shipments, intersite transfers, and returns are tightly integrated with sales and purchasing. Transactions resulting from physical count and other stock adjustments are controlled by parameter-driven entry windows, adaptable to individual user and site policies. All intrasite stock movements to and from the appropriate storage and picking locations are also managed.  Simple intersite transfers can be entered without the need to create sales and purchase orders.

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