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Sage ERP X3 version 6.2 – Super Charges Your Search

By February 21, 2012No Comments

You know that ERP’s are great for having all your information in one place. And you also know having all your information in one place can be hard to search.

The New Way to ERP just got better, a lot better in Sage ERP X3 version 6.2.
Information is power and the ability to find that information easily is bliss.  The business issue is you only have some much time in each day and you need a system that gives you what you need now.

This type of technology was only in applications that Fortune 500 companies could afford and support. Sage ERP X3 brings search based application architecture to the mid-market/upper mid-market place at a price you can afford.

When looking at your next ERP implementation, remember to ask one simple question. How easy is it for my employees to access information in your ERP solution?

Coming soon – Sage ERP X3 version 6.4

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