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Sage ERP X3 – Three Hot Add-on Solutions in 2012 and more to come

By July 22, 2012May 18th, 2022No Comments

Sage ERP X3 – The new way to ERP, is looking to make 2012 another great year for this mid-market/upper mid-market ERP solution.  After an amazing 2011, our SWK Technologies Sage ERP X3 team is excited to share several new add-on solutions for our existing and future clients.

These new add-on solutions are just the beginning to what will hopefully be many new extensions offered by SWK and other solution providers in the coming years.  Today, SWK is thrilled to offer the next level in the area of EDI, Business Intelligence Reporting, and Document Management.


MAPADOC EDI is now available for Sage ERP X3; in fact, MAPADOC for Sage ERP X3  adds a fully functional EDI suite to the standard application tools.

MAPADOC EDI for Sage ERP X3 is designed for companies that have anywhere from moderate to sophisticated EDI requirements, and allows any level of transaction volume to be more easily managed. MAPADOC EDI for Sage ERP X3 is built on the X3 SAFE development platform, so it seamlessly integrates to the application. As a result, even smaller or lower-volume EDI environments can benefit from a greater ease of use and faster processing times. In addition, MAPADOC EDI for Sage ERP X3 is a fully integrated EDI solution that sits inside Sage ERP X3 product.

Nectari Business Intelligence for Sage ERP X3

From Tangerine software, Nectari is a comprehensive self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solution designed to provide all organizations real-time access to any data source, in an intuitive and efficient manner. Fully integrated with Sage ERP X3, Nectari provides advanced, easy to use analysis and reporting capabilities, and includes an Excel add-in component that supports dynamic access to any, and multiple, data sources directly from within Excel.

ACOM EZContentManager for Sage ERP X3

ACOM’s EZContentManager is a powerful Sage-integrated document management and process automation solution. With EZContentManager, you can control the document lifecycle; capture information in any form; store, instantly retrieve and share all of your information electronically directly from Sage ERP X3; and set up one or multiple unified electronic repositories for managing all of your organization’s documents, files and business records. In addition, you’ll have immediate access to your vital business information from your Sage ERP X3 screens, or from anywhere via secure web browser.

Coming soon Sage ERP X3 version 6.4

As always, SWK can help provide these and many other solutions. Contact us today at 877-979-5462 or!


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