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Your Sage ERP X3 System Just Got Even Better

By February 11, 2014No Comments

Sage ERP X3 update SWKJust released: The NEW update for your Sage ERP X3 system!

If you’re already using Sage ERP X3 for your company, you know that it is the most flexible and powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from Sage for mid-sized and larger companies. As of last week, your ERP got even better with an update inspired by your functionality requests.

Now Offering Better Compatibility and Increased Certification for Sage ERP X3

With the latest product update for Sage ERP X3 Version 6.5 Patch 27, you get:

  • Added browser compatibility: The SAFE Client v112 is even more flexible now, and supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11 with your ERP
  • Increased certification options: Your ERP is also now certified to run on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (ask us about updated hardware requirements for specific details)

What does this mean for my business?

With the added capability to use Sage ERP X3 on Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11, you and your employees can still access your companies real-time on all your computers, but now your data is supported to display and respond better on newer browsers as well. This gives your company increased computing options as you move forward into 2014.

Now that Sage ERP X3 is certified to run on Microsoft Windows Server 2012, your company will be supported when accessing all the benefits that Windows Server 2012 offers, such as improved cloud functioning on multiple clouds (such as your private cloud), better data storage options, and the ability to upgrade to a higher-speed infrastructure for your company. This means your company can now run faster than ever, and you’ll have extra room to store all the extra customer data and process information your company will have in 2014.

These updates make your business run smarter and faster, and offer you improved control and accuracy, as well as better overall operational performance.

Contact SWK’s Sage ERP X3 Team

If you would like to learn more about the new updates available for Sage ERP X3 and how they help you, please contact us online.

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