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Sage X3 Success Story: Chemical Industry

By June 26, 2013October 15th, 2019No Comments
Though it should not replace internal cybersecurity practices, Sage Enterprise Management will provide a greater degree of data protection than SAP B1.

When it comes to chemical blending, the slightest error in substance can throw off an entire batch.  Precision is everything in this industry.  In order to run correctly, you need to know where your inventory is and how much is in it.  This can often determine the outcome of a batch.  You don’t have the time to sit and wait for another shipment when you need a batch created now.  Set up your ERP system in a way that makes it easy for you understand and navigate. Sage X3 gives you that ability, alongside with inventory management.  Don’t be running around last minute; stay ahead of the game.

Here’s how one chemical blending company uses Sage X3.

An importer and distributor of chemical products, Crest Chemicals is situated in the Midrand area with operational centers in Midrand, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Namibia. The company focuses on trading, with break bulk decanting and chemical blending activities also being performed by the organization.

Integrated manufacturing approach

Reporting and business analysis is at the heart of Crest Chemicals’ operational structure. The company recognized the need for an ERP system that is able to deliver transparency on both inventory and warehouse management in order to underpin an integrated manufacturing approach. Sage X3 will automate Crest Chemicals’ costing process, will simplify its container management and provide the tools for detailed forecasting and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), ultimately allowing the company to cope with increased transaction volumes, with additional scope for growth.

Laying the foundation for growth

A thorough situational analysis was completed and the best approach was mapped to fully integrate Sage ERP X3 into Crest Chemicals with the least amount of interruption. Sage X3 is easily customizable within the core software architecture allowing it to optimally cater for Crest Chemicals’ specific company needs and functionality.

Crest Chemicals needed a system that could cope with higher transaction volumes on a multi-company, multi-country and multi-currency scale. X3 offers deep and broad first-class functionality that is scalable and fully integrated. Real-time information is now shared on a common database and user interface that is easy to use and understand, containing specific functionality relevant to the chemicals and chemical manufacturing industry, making it much easier to report and make decisions based on current and relevant facts.

Thorough and progressive change management

Even though essential business processes were not changed dramatically, users had to acclimate to the new system processes. Progressive change management processes were implemented to train and mentor users on the new Sage X3 system at Crest Chemicals, until they were completely familiar with the system.


“We now have an ERP system in the form of Sage X3 that not only can handle rapid expansion that the company is experiencing, but will also grow with Crest Chemicals as we expand into new territories and products.” –Ted Whyte, Financial Manager of Crest Chemicals

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