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How Sage ERP X3 Helps Everyone in Your Company (Part 2)

By February 7, 2014No Comments

Sage ERP X3In a prior post, we talked about how all businesses run better when everyone is on the same page, and how Sage ERP X3 provides a company-wide view of all processes in real-time so that everyone can make informed decisions that allow them to work smarter. Here is part two of the guide that shows the challenges that everyone in your company is facing, and how Sage ERP X3 can help alleviate those challenges.

What your production team is thinking

“We could be so much more productive if we just had a better ability to plan, but we can’t plan properly without knowing the production costs. Plus, we’d be a lot faster if we had an easy way to ensure quality control.”

With Sage ERP X3, your production team knows exactly what’s happening at every second of the production process, as it’s happening. They can view the costs of their processes, meaning that they can plan labor and schedule production with greater efficiency, and when they have the ability to view what is being made and when, and can see which units have not met quality standards and why, they can ensure that production goals are being met or exceeded.

What your warehouse team is thinking

“Does the company understand that we’ve got a lot of excess stock down here on the floor? Why do we always seem to be out of stock on the things that everyone is really buying?”

When your warehouse team can easily view every item on the floor, they can accurately forecast for upcoming stock needs. Plus, with Sage ERP X3 they can see priority orders or large requests from preferred customers so they can allocate units and resources properly, that way everyone gets what they need on time.

What your purchasing department is thinking

“We wish we could see the company’s costs and margins so that we could plan more accurately. When we do finally get the information we need we feel like everything is so rushed!”

Sage ERP X3 provides real-time data access to every department in your company, meaning your purchasing department will have an immediate understanding of what they need to order from suppliers to keep required resources in stock, and they’ll know how much they can allocate to spending.

What your marketing department is thinking

“If we just knew who was buying what, and when, we’d be able to set up much better marketing campaigns. We feel like we’re just stumbling around in the dark, and half the time when we market something we end up running out of stock too quickly. When the website says we’re out of stock on so many things, the company looks bad.”

Your marketing department will be able to view real-time data about customer purchasing habits with Sage ERP X3, meaning that when new products are created, they’ll know which of your customers are likely to buy those new products. Also, since marketing, production, purchasing, and the warehouse will all have access to the same information, they can work together to ensure that your company is never out of stock on the items your customers want.

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