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Sage ERP X3 for Wholesale Distributors

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A comprehensive ERP system is necessary for many industries to help streamline processes and stay competitive by running more efficiently.  Sage ERP X3, as discussed in previous blog posts, is a powerful yet simple global solution for your ERP needs.  Some of the many functions include the typical accounting and finance functions, sales management, manufacturing management, purchasing management and many more.  Sage ERP X3 can bring advantages to many different businesses across many different industries.  The following blog post will finish the mini-series on how Sage ERP X3 will impact various industries.  We last discussed life sciences manufacturers and will now conclude with wholesale distributors.Sage ERP X3 - Wholesale Distribution


Wholesale Distributors

The increasing global and competitive marketplace has put intense pressure on wholesale distributors to increase profit margins, consistently deliver quality products and services, and grow their business.  In addition, diverse customer needs and supply chains, multiple locations, and regulatory requirements are adding to the complexity.  This requires wholesale distributors to make smarter decisions, source products quicker and collaborate with suppliers in order to succeed.

Developed to address the needs of wholesale distribution, Sage ERP X3 enables you to manage your business better than ever before, providing immediate impact and ROI results you can measure.

Streamline business processes:

Improve overall business management including sales, purchasing, accounting, and shipping. Gain efficiencies by eliminating redundancies and reducing errors. Improve collaboration with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers with real-time information.

Reduce Inventory and shipping costs:

Gain rich functionality for multiwarehouse, intersite transfers, and proactive reordering management–right out of the box. Reduce shipping costs with a web-based intelligent system that uses best-rate scenarios to get the product shipped as quickly as possible.

Improve customer experience:

Become more effective in helping and solving customer issues and increase call resolution. Empower customers with remote access. Provide web services to facilitate integration of a web storefront. Increase sales engagement with quality and insightful customer information.

Track and manage business effectively:

Monitor distribution operations proactively with user-defined dashboards and reports to gain real-time insight to the information you need including sales performance per customer or product, trends in expense accounts and inventory cost analytics.

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