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Sage ERP X3 6.4 – A migration tool that you will love

By June 12, 2012No Comments

Sage ERP X3 6.4 is here and one of the improved features is the enhanced migration tool. Many users requested a better way to migrate their data and I am happy to report that the Sage ERP X3 developers listened and delivered a better way to ERP in version 6.4.

Now, Sage ERP X3 (Adonix) users can migrate from version 1.4x and above to the latest version of Sage ERP X3. Why is the enhanced migration tool good for you and your Sage ERP X3 consultant?

Starting today the enhanced migration tool in Sage ERP X3 6.4 will provide

•  Improved global performance of the migration tools, especially to reduce the time during which specific data folders might be unavailable. The actual migration can now happen within a weekend, or a maximum of 3 days, allowing for folders to start receiving data entry as soon as possible.
•  Improved handling of critical errors. The enhanced migration tool now can identify and isolate those errors for you to correct without having to start the entire migration process over and over again.
•  A modular and controllable migration path
√  Ability to consolidate migration paths by area/module
√  You can split migration phases and make them independent
√  Easily monitor migration phases with pause, skip, and restart features

A better migration tool means a smoother transition to all the great new features of Sage ERP X3 version 6.4.  You might be asking yourself; why would I upgrade from my older version of Sage ERP X3?

Here are just a few reason to consider Sage ERP X3 version 6.4.

1)  You now have a migration tool that streamlines that process and allows your business     to make a smooth transition.

2) The improved user experience, work-flows, and advanced search capabilities in Sage   ERP X3 6.4 and above are productivity necessities for your business, employees, and your bottom line.

3) The new add on products will be growing in 2012 and beyond. Click here to view a previous blog entry on MAPADOC EDI for Sage ERP X3, Nectari Business Intelligence for Sage ERP X3, and Acom Document Management for Sage ERP X3.

As always, the SWK Sage ERP X3 team can help provide these and many other solutions. Contact us today at 877-979-5462 or

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