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Sage BusinessWorks 2011: Top 7 Enhancements

By January 24, 2012No Comments

I’ve talked with quite a few of our customers to get a handle on the most in-demand benefits and features of Sage BusinessWorks 2011.

Packed with powerful features and enhancements, Sage BusinessWorks 2011 can give your business the edge it needs to compete more successfully. Because the improvements in each version of the program are made with customers in mind, this edition offers increased efficiency and productivity.

Sage BusinessWorks simplifies and streamlines operational processes and daily activities. The 2011 version takes those capabilities to the next level, improving performance and intelligence.

1. Improve employee satisfaction with expanded direct deposit distributions, which let employees choose to distribute funds to an unlimited number of bank accounts.

2. Easily select invoices to pay from a list populated with available customer invoices, all on a single screen, even selecting multiple invoices for the distribution of a payment.

3. View more bank deposit or reconciliation transactions without scrolling, since the screen size changes based on the number of transactions in the list, as well as the monitor size and resolution.

4. Grant new users all access or no access to the system, saving time and reducing the likelihood of a security breach.

5. Search for employees by the last four digits of their social security numbers in Custom Reports, Custom Exports, and Crystal Reports, while still protecting sensitive employee information.

6. Filter State Tax reports to optionally exclude employees with no YTD activity, eliminating the need to print extra pages, and saving paper and money.

7. Create new reports from templates more easily using the User Reports Manager New button, which prepopulates a blank design screen with tables and links based on the selected report.

If you’re not familiar with what Sage BusinessWorks 2011 can do for you and your company, we’re here to help. Whether BusinessWorks is the beset fit – or another one of our offerings is more suited – a short meeting can help us assess your situation.

Contact us today by calling me at 973-251-0061 or by e-mail.

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