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Sage 100 ERP For The Packaging Industry

By September 12, 2013December 7th, 2018No Comments

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For companies who manufacture creative and innovative packaging, there is a demand for a certain element of “funk” to help create and build a brand.   When combined with marketing and advertising, creative packaging can be the determining factor when it comes to consumer purchases.  The need for ERP systems in the packaging industry is great, and the results are encouraging.

How Technology Applies

The thin client/server technology behind Sage 100 ERP provides a secure, stable, scalable, and fast platform to support operations. One advantage of the technology is its strong support for remote access for companies, which employ out-of-state salespeople who access the system remotely to enter orders, check stock levels, and confirm pricing.

Driving Sales

Packaging companies are sales-driven and pride themself on responsiveness to customers’ needs.  Sage 100 ERP makes it easy to generate reports and quick queries that help you stay on top of sales trends. You might pull a report showing customers’ sales for the month compared to last year or a query that shows which customers haven’t made a purchase in a while. You can use that list to contact these customers to bring the sales volume up.

Also, packaging companies’ management teams can turn to the Business Insights Explorer module to obtain knowledge about the business while the Inventory Analysis report shows the products that are moving and ones that are not.

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