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Reduce Costs

By June 11, 2013October 21st, 2019No Comments

Does your ERP system require tons of man power?

What about man hours?

If you have Sage ERP X3, the answer to all of these questions would be NO.  Stop wasting time with the IT department and gear more focus towards your business.  Sage ERP X3 eliminates the need for excessive implementation, training, and costs.  Be confident with your ERP system.

First class functionality at a low cost of ownership

Providing mid-sized companies with the best functionality in their industry, while dramatically reducing the costs usually associated with ERP systems, has been the base roadmap for Sage ERP X3’s successive releases for almost a decade. The result is one of the most cost-effective and coherent ERP packages for mid-sized businesses, integrating best-of-class features in accounting and financial management, sales, purchasing, inventory management and manufacturing.

Reduce installation costs

From the start, Sage reduces your costs by offering you software that adapts to your enterprise without requiring custom developments and months of professional services. Designed to meet your constraints in terms of time, budget and organization, Sage ERP X3 places the emphasis on simple operation and flexibility. It has been developed to minimize both costs and installation time by making the most advanced features a standard and simplifying – not impoverishing – parameterization to fit your unique needs.

Sage ERP X3 adapts to a pre-existing IT environment without inducing major upsets and adjusts to the management procedures and methods of your company. The integrated data import/export engine allows data recapture, automated interfacing and data feed to third-party tools. It can be configured and integrates over 100 predefined recapture models: databases, inventories, balances, budgets, rates, etc. ASCII and Unicode formats can be used.  Sage ERP X3 does not require major human or financial investment. Initial budgets and completion times are met, and users can continue to work normally during installation of your new system.

Reduce operating costs

Sage ERP X3 does not require a large IT team to operate. Not only does its robust design ensure the serenity of day-to-day operations, but particular attention has been paid to Sage ERP X3 ergonomics, to ensure daily optimum productivity and working comfort for your staff. It is highly user-friendly, and a new user usually requires just a few days of training to master this highly intuitive product.

Sage ERP X3 easily evolves with the growth and new requirements of your enterprise. Its integrated design makes it easy to activate new functions when you need them, connect new users to the system or quickly provide a new branch with a fully operational management system without the need for custom interfaces. Plus, Sage ERP X3 gives your company the benefit of constant software improvements by a simple and secure update procedure, with the system itself ensuring the distribution of the modifications across all the connected workstations.

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