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Put More Money in Your Pocket When You Use Cloud Computing (SaaS)

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Any technology magazine, blog, or web site you look at these days will include an article on SaaS. Those articles usually talk about the traditional cost savings of investing in a SaaS solution, but they don’t consider the bigger picture. In this article, I would like to take the cost savings topic a step farther and give you one more thing to think about when it comes to the value proposition of cloud computing solutions such as Acumatica.

More Savings with SaaS

Most articles on SaaS will have a section on cost savings that compares the SaaS solution to on-premise software and describes the most common money savers like the cost of upfront licensing, the fact that with SaaS there is no need for infrastructure, and the increased productivity that comes from having your data available anytime and anywhere. These are wonderful benefits that a SaaS solution provides, but when you consider the bigger picture cost savings involved in choosing a SaaS, no one thinks of the money SaaS users save by not spending extra on the frequently crushing overhead of owning or renting an office space. In some cases, the need for a brick and mortar office is not needed if the company chooses to invest in a SaaS solution instead of a traditional ERP. Even if a physical office is still needed for some of the companies who choose a SaaS solution, their necessary office space is much smaller.

What’s the Bigger Picture?

One of the biggest benefits of SaaS is that your data is available anytime and anywhere in a secure environment, so why not have your employees access your SaaS solution “all-the-time” and anywhere? With a SaaS solution, your company has the freedom to allow people to work from the comfort of their own homes, instead of from cubicles in an office setting that you have to maintain? When using SaaS technology and the Internet, many or all of your employees can conduct the same business from home as the would have conducted from your office. As a company, this workplace flexibility allows you to drastically reduce your overhead costs while also improving your employee satisfaction rates. Perhaps it’s not feasible for your company to have your entire staff work from home, but for every person who can work remotely, you get to reduce the size of your office.

SaaS Benefits Your Employees, Too

There are many cost-saving benefits to your employees as well when your business chooses a SaaS solution. Employees who commute by car save on gas and their auto insurance might be lowered because they accrue less annual mileage. Others who use public transportation have the option to cut the cost of their train or bus passes. Most offices require some type of strict dress code, but if there is no office, employees also save on their wardrobe expenses. Want more savings proof? What about at-work meals and those $5 cups of gourmet coffee? The savings for each of your employees adds up quickly when your company chooses a SaaS solution.

While there are many traditional cost savings associated with adopting a cloud computing environment, there are just as many non-traditional cost savings as well. To understand the entire value proposition of a SaaS solution, you just have to think big picture.

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