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The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution

By September 22, 2014June 2nd, 2022No Comments

As companies across the world round up third quarter results, we are all wondering what the new year will bring.

This year was full of surprises for most wholesale distributors (as well as for their software resellers), but as we move into the next year, everyone is wondering how government regulations and policies, as well as continued slow economic growth will impact business in the years to come.

Unfortunately, you can’t predict the future—what you can do is prepare for whatever comes your way.

The first step to preparation is learning what to expect.

How can this white paper help me prepare?

Even though you can’t see into the future, you can use data to make an educated guess. This white paper offers data-driven insights from analyst Modern Distribution Management, and clues you in to what you can expect from your competitors.


  • Strategies to boost revenues and efficiency
  • How successful distributors are getting the profits they deserve
  • New technologies that help distributors improve their operations
  • Insider information into industry ecommerce plans
  • The impact of cloud and mobile computing on the wholesale distribution industry

What are my competitors planning this year?

Most wholesale distributors are planning to invest more in B2B and eCommerce strategies. Preparation is important

Although 87% of wholesale distributors are expecting revenue growth in the next year and beyond, many of you don’t have a plan. This white paper shows how you can cut costs and increase productivity now and as your company continues to grow.

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