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How One Company Sped Up Delivery by 25% with Sage X3

By December 10, 2014 October 15th, 2019 No Comments

Sage X3 AmPharmCo Success StoryAmPharmCo is a Texas-based manufacturer of top-quality products for the pharmaceuticals, pet health, and cosmetics industries. Their commitments to innovation, quality, service, and trust have set their company apart since 1999, but they were finding it increasingly difficult to deliver on those commitments in today’s fast-paced business environment.

When AmPharmCo’s outdated ERP proved to be slowing them down, they knew they needed to make a change—but with operations running behind, they didn’t have the time to spend implementing and learning a new system.

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AmPharmCo had an outdated system that compromised efficiency and kept their team from growing the business. They needed to switch their system, and fast, but they didn’t have the flexibility to put their operations on hold while they implemented and trained on the new system.


Sage X3 — with a slow implementation.


Since SWK implemented Sage X3, AmPharmCo’s delivery times are 25% faster, P.O. turnaround times that used to take days now take just hours, and overall the organization is much more efficient.


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