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Medical Device Manufacturer Manages Efficient Operation with Sage ERP X3

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Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, UreSil, LLC is a leading manufacturer of products for interventional radiology and vascular surgery, which are Medical Device Manufacturing - Sage ERP X3distributed worldwide through independent sales reps and a network of domestic and international distributors.

Since opening the doors in 1986, it has expanded from a product development enterprise to a fully integrated development, manufacturing, and distribution company.

What was their process for selecting an ERP product that could handle the unique needs and future growth of their company?

System Evaluation

UreSil had been operating on an MRP system that the company feared would soon become unsupportable due to the number of third-party customizations it had undergone. While limitations in planning and flexibility hindered the company’s ability to run an efficient business, complying with FDA regulations and maintaining the required documentation proved to be a challenge all its own.

After quickly excluding packages that were too complex, too expensive, or too small, UreSil issued a request for information (RFI) to approximately ten vendors. Sage and two other vendors were selected to present a product demonstration.

“All three systems looked good on paper and in the demo,” says Chuck Davis, vice president of operations for UreSil. “We realized we needed to dig deeper into each system to see which one would really fulfill our requirements.” The additional investigation revealed that the Sage ERP X3 database had the best design philosophy. “It’s not old-school technology masked with an appealing front end,” adds Davis.

The selection committee believed that the logical design and open, flexible architecture of Sage ERP X3 would enable them to more easily capture and assess mission-critical information. In addition, they realized how much easier it would be to create custom reports.

The Implementation

After conducting a formal training program, the pilot was a success. UreSil performed the cut-over to the new Sage ERP X3 system over the weekend, and by Monday, it was handling all mission-critical processes. The transition went so smoothly that the Sage implementation team left after only one day, and within one week of the cut-over, Sage ERP X3 was running all processes previously handled by UreSil’s legacy system.


UreSil appreciated the flexibility of Sage ERP X3 in how it could be configured to manage the company’s business processes instead of having to adapt its processes to fit the software. As a result, the company is finding it easier to comply with FDA regulations. Tracking systems have been streamlined, and paperwork is more manageable. Flexible report-writing capabilities enable UreSil to create fields according to company jargon.

Planning processes have been tightened, and the company now operates with a just-in-time planning philosophy, minimizing inventory and warehouse space. Additionally, with Sage ERP X3, UreSil reduced finished goods lead time by 50 percent. And, with the introduction of print-and-place labeling across all product lines thanks to automatic integration with Sage ERP X3 work orders, the company expects the process to be reduced by 1.5 man days per week.

Looking to the future, Davis concludes, “No matter what business philosophy we adopt, we’re confident Sage ERP X3 can handle it.”

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